Production Begins on America’s Biggest Voter Fraud Ever Documentary – American Icon Samuel Tilden’s True Stolen President Story

Film production has begun on the most controversial election ever in the United States. The documentary will detail Samuel Tilden’s Life Story and focus on the voter frauds perpetrated months and years after the election was over.

New York, NY, November 04, 2009 --( November 17th production for Samuel Tilden shoot that will take place at several landmarks areas of New York City.

“Samuel Tilden the Real 19th President” written by Nikki Oldaker and “The Life Samuel J Tilden” Written by John Bigelow, Samuel Tilden's original biographer are the source information for the documentary script. John Bigelow, was also one of Benjamin Franklin’s biographers. He held several key positions in nineteenth century politics. Abraham Lincoln appointed him Consul at Paris in 1861, progressing to Chargé d'Affaires, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of Napoleon III. In 1865, he became Minister to France and helped block the Confederacy's efforts to acquire ships in Europe. He published an edition of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin in 1868, and "The Life of Samuel J. Tilden" in 1895. He and assisted Tilden in exposing the Boss Tweed administration in New York. After living in Germany for three years, he returned to New York, where he was elected Secretary of State. He was instrumental as one of Tilden's Estate Trust Executors and carried out Tilden's wishes, over several years, to develop the New York Public Library. He was a staunch proponent of the development of the Panama Canal. He was a friend of Philippe Bunau Varilla. On August 8, 2001 New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani signed a bill adding the name "John Bigelow Plaza" to the intersection of 41st Street and Fifth Avenue.

The biographical documentary will also reveal Tilden's many secrets about his political life and actions he took during the disputed election. He earned the nicknames the “Great Reformer, Forecloser and Financier” by the voters of New York. Oldaker realized after researching numerous materials on Tilden that Bigelow's career and his friendship with Tilden intertwined so closely she needed to add Bigelow into the fact based documentary.

The film-makers are projecting the documentary will be completed by Spring of 2010. Oldaker is planning to combine a book signing and festivals tour to promote the documentary. She is planning to pitch Tilden's election story to studios as mini-series for direct to DVD. To learn more go to: Both books can be found at any online bookstore.

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