, The World’s First Online Record Company, Helps Unsigned Artist Get Record Deals an affiliate of and is set to launch in October for its grand opening to the public. has been secretly setting the stage for this launching since early August.

New York, NY, October 01, 2006 --( The industry is ripe for the existence of an online record company and scouting company, and finally the day arrived when went live on the Internet yesterday. Once again Kia McClain receives kudos from the music industry with another surprise, as apparently no one knew she owned, as well as the domain suite until yesterday. Full of surprises, Kia McClain has slowly crept out of the shadows as a full force contender for the mainstream music industry in gaining the most competitive domain names and new artists from the Internet., dubbed Internet Record Deal, will surely be an icon that will quickly gain popularity throughout the indie music world. Several large record companies are scrambling for domain names and young entrepreneurs like Kia McClain to breathe new life into their online market strategies along with a plethora of unsigned talent. Kia McClain is now announcing to them she is open for business and ready to fulfill those needs for both artists and major record labels. She has landed her first role in the mainstream industry as the official promoter of Kool and The Gang’s come back album, Still Kool, along with John Martelli, of MPI Records. Kia McClain states, “My sole goal is to be the “go to girl” for large record labels that are looking for new talent. I have very desirable domain names that are hard to forget, which also draws crowds of artists as well as fans.” will be the ultimate networking resource for industry professionals, indie artists and bands, as well as major labels. helps develop artists and prepare them for getting signed and does not allow every artist that comes along to be displayed on their site. All artist submissions are listened to and it is determined if the artists have something to offer to the music industry. Only after this will the artists be placed in the line up to be broadcasted to the world. The artists will also receive coaching and resources to build their appeal and image. Most of all they will be displayed to the public and rated on public response. will prepare a portfolio along with statistics and will give them out upon request to scouts who inquire about artists. This site also will offer record deals to artists under its own label. Kia McClain decided to make it a resource for all of the music industry because she is already being overwhelmed with requests to be signed. There are so many talented artists out there that she believes that the maximum benefit would be for a number of different labels to cater to the artists. She also believes that with the convenience of pressing the play button, several scouts will find her site more appealing rather than other sites that contain large databases of artists who may or may not actually have talent. has provided several solutions to age old problems and new ones within the traditional and online music industry and looks forward to creating success for many indie artists. will open up a whole new frontier to major record labels as well as indie artists.

Kia McClain