Author Sondra Harris “Gets Her Write On”

Announcement of a new book comprised of a collection of short observational essays and a few pieces of short fiction.

West Haven, CT, October 02, 2006 --( “Getting My Think On,” a new book by Sondra Harris, is a collection of semi-humorous, introspective pieces examining the phenomenon of everyday distractions as they influence (and sometimes interfere with) the creative process.

Wanting desperately to write a novel, Harris began keeping an online journal to hone her writing skills and attempt to come up with a decent idea that would lend itself well to long fiction. Five years later, she found herself no closer to having a novel-length, publishable work; however, her efforts have produced a hearty collection of scattered ideas, observations, and short narratives, plus one or two short fiction pieces.

“It is recommended that one should write what one knows,” says Harris, but adds that “writing what I know is difficult when what I know is remarkably little about quite a lot of subjects.”

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Sondra Harris lives in Connecticut. She is still trying to create something that remotely resembles a novel. This collection is her first published work.

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Getting My Think On
Sondra Harris