Amperor Introduces Online Virtual Showroom for “Location-Shifting” Whole-Home Media Distribution Center

Amperor continues its leadership in home entertainment with the "Virtual BOCS" showroom experience. Customers can take a guided tour of the showroom, interact with the BOCS system and chat with a live product specialist.

Houston, TX, November 05, 2009 --( Amperor has launched a new virtual showroom on the company website ( to present the BOCS™ (pronounced box), an innovative device that allows consumers to watch and control their entire home-entertainment system (DVR, cable box, TiVo, DVD player/jukebox, iPod etc.) from any TV in the home, with no new wiring, no additional box rental fees and no need to buy duplicate components for each TV.

The showroom is called “Virtual BOCS” and provides consumers with an interactive walk-through of a fairly typical BOCS home installation, bringing consumers as close as possible to the real thing. The demo comprises three simulated rooms – Living Room, Bedroom and Kids’ Playroom – and three distributed devices – Baby Monitor, Cable Box and TiVo. Consumers can get a feel for how the system works by going to the different rooms in the home and interacting with the system.

There is even a virtual remote so users can control the BOCS just as they would in their own home. Color-coded buttons (Red, Green and Blue) coincide with the connected devices. Click on the blue button, for instance, and users will see their virtual toddler happily playing in its crib, from any room in the home. True to life, the universal wireless remote operates on the 900 MHz RF frequency and can transmit signals through walls, doors and ceilings.

Although navigating the website is intuitive and self-explanatory, users will undoubtedly appreciate the expert guidance of a seasoned virtual host, none other than David Feller himself, founder and designer of the BOCS system. David provides users with a colorful and brief overview of both the product and the showroom. On the same page, users can also view a live demonstration of the product taken from a local home and garden show.

“We designed BOCS because it is something we needed in our own homes,” said David Feller. “And now, thousands of units later, it is clear that everyone wants the ability to watch their DVR’d shows from any room and save on monthly bills at the same time. Amperor, our exclusive US distributor, is helping us take this to market and serve communities beyond just Northern Colorado. I honestly believe this is the next-big-thing in home entertainment! ”

The showroom also includes an online real-time chat window and links to relevant product info, such as installation videos, frequently asked questions and detailed technical information.
For more information contact David Feller (720) 206-4114

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