New iPhone Applications: FolderBuddy and FolderBuddy for GMail Are Now Available in the AppStore

The newly release easy-to-use iPhone applications for managing your IMAP folders are available in the AppStore. FolderBuddy is bringing to the iPhone mobile platform a key missing feature from the native Mail application : managing your IMAP folders from your device.

Fremont, CA, November 06, 2009 --( The easy-to-use iPhone app FolderBuddy has been updated to version 1.2 and a new version dedicated to GMail is now available: FolderBuddy for GMail.

Stéphane Lunati from & Brian Dote from Tapanade LLC are announcing the availability of FolderBuddy 1.2 and FolderBuddy for GMail 1.2. Both iPhone applications are now available in the Apple AppStore for iPhone. FolderBuddy & FolderBuddy for GMail are native iPhone applications, focusing on a single mission : add the missing folder management feature from the iPhone native Mail application.

With FolderBuddy and FolderBuddy for GMail you can now create and manage your IMAP mail folders directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

With FolderBuddy installed on your iPhone you don't need anymore to use your desktop/laptop machine to create folder : you can do all the folder management on the go from your device.

What's new:
As requested by our user's feedback FolderBuddy 1.2 let you now move folder(s) into other folder. FolderBuddy for GMail is a brand new application based on the successful FolderBuddy code base. FolderBuddy for GMail has the same set of features as FolderBuddy but work only with GMail IMAP server and email address, but for a lower price.

Where to get it:
FolderBuddy 1.2 is now available in the iTunes AppStore in the Productivity category:
FolderBuddy link ($3.99):

FolderBuddy for GMail is now available in the iTunes AppStore in the Productivity category:
FolderBuddy for GMail 1.2 link ($0.99) :

What is FolderBuddy:
FolderBuddy is an easy-to-use IMAP folder manager for the iPhone with an intuitive and beautifully designed GUI. With features such as shake-to-refresh and swipe-to-delete, you’ll be able to better manage and organize your email.

FolderBuddy support the following features:
- Add/Rename/Delete & move folder
- Multiple accounts supported
- SSL supported
- Shake to refresh folder list when viewing an account
- Swipe to delete an account in account settings
- Swipe to delete a folder in folder list view
- Support for nested folders
- Lock icon status indicating the communication between the device and the IMAP server is secure (SSL)

FolderBuddy support many popular IMAP provider : GMail, Yahoo!, MobileMe, AOL with a simple & easy way to configure your account.

FolderBuddy for GMail work only with GMail IMAP server.

FolderBuddy is localized in english, french, japanese, italian

More information site:
More information on the following web site : or

About FolderBuddy Lite

FolderBuddy Lite should appear soon in the AppStore. FolderBuddy Lite is the free version of FolderBuddy with the same set of features, except that any action (add/delete/rename/move) will be followed by a reminder popup about the full version, and the operation for adding or renaming a folder will automatically append the extension _demoFolderBuddy to the folder.

FolderBuddy Lite 1.1.1 link (free):

About the authors:
FolderBuddy was created jointly by Stéphane Lunati -founder of and Brian Dote - founder of Tapanade LLC. They believe strongly in their core mantra of user-centered, best-of-breed, focused applications and they hope users will find FolderBuddy a handy must-have addition on their iPhone. Stéphane and Brian worked together at Apple Inc., releasing multiple versions of .Mac Webmail while working on the .Mac service. Stéphane and Brian are co-applicants on four patents pending from their work integrating .Mac with the iPhone in 2007.

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