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Cenegenics Carolinas is an age management facility located in Charleston, SC. The US Government recently released a study that shows the average life span stands now at 78 years old. Patients that want to make the most of those years can enroll in the executive health evaluation at Cenegenics Carolinas to determine what their body needs to be in optimal shape. Patients will experience better health, increased libido, weight loss, and increased energy.

Charleston, SC, November 09, 2009 --( Feel Better, Live Longer

78 years old….it’s the new average life span. The US Government study has just released a study that shows that life expectancy has reached a new all time high, the average now standing at 78 years old. How do they do it? What steps are necessary to feel younger for longer?

Some people are travelling to the lowcountry to work with Cenegenics trained clinicians to make sure they feel good and look good years before they celebrate the 78th birthday.

Cenegenics is a scientifically proven age management institute located in downtown Charleston. Patients from the coastal south find respite in the Holy City and receive age management care. The in- depth diagnostic evaluation gives patients the tools they need to feel young and healthy despite their age.

What is Cenegenics? How is it different? At Cenegenics-Carolinas, a whole team of clinicians, including board certified physicians and masters prepared nutritionists and exercise specialists identify a patient’s unique body makeup using evidence-based medical data from comprehensive labs pathology, body composition exam, body strength testing, heart rate (VO2 Max), muscle mass, body fat and bone density. “We go through our lives taking for granted the bodies we rely on to maintain wellness over 7 or 8 or more decades,” says Elizabeth Way, RN, Clinical Coordinator. “Learning about the unique composition of your body is the first step to knowing how it will respond best to improvement therapies.” The patients spend a day in routine testing, defining their “age potential.” The result is a renewed, youthful quality of life and guards against chronic disease, better physical and mental health, increased libido, and more energy.

Between the years 2008 and 2040 the “oldest” population in America is expected to increase 233%. Cenegenics has an increase number of patients that are not ready to welcome old age without a fight. With the help of Cenegenics-Carolinas, Charlestonians and people from around the southeast are able to do this.

You are invited to come and tour the facilities and speak with Dr. Barber about Cenegenics. If you would like to speak to a Cenegenics patient, please call for further information.

To set up an interview, please call Laurin Collar with HHK Healthcare Marketing at 843-478-8494.

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