NUITEQ Releases Snowflake Suite 1.7 with Windows 7 Compatibility and Support for 3m Touch Systems and N-Trig

Natural User Interface Technologies AB released the next version of their flagship multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite with Windows 7 compatibility and support for 3M Touch Systems and N-trig.

SkellefteĆ„, Sweden, November 07, 2009 --( Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITEQ) launched version 1.7 of its multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite, shortly after the introduction of Windows 7 by Microsoft.

One of the major changes since version 1.6 of Snowflake, is the compatibility with Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system, that was launched last week, which has a strong focus on multi-touch enabled human computer interaction.

Another one of the major achievements is the compatibility of Snowflake with third party multi-touch hardware technology platforms, including; 3M Touch Systems, Lumio and N-trig. The latter technology, for example is integrated in multi-touch enabled laptops from HP, Dell and other major computer manufacturers.

NUITEQ has been closely working with 3M Touch Systems, N-trig and Lumio to ensure that Snowflake Suite is compatible with their novel true multi-touch hardware technology platforms and Windows 7.

NUITEQ exclusively developed several multi-touch software applications that were demonstrated on the platform of NUITEQ's partner N-trig, during the Windows 7 launch in the USA. Some of these applications, will appear in future versions of Snowflake.

VP Business Development of N-trig, Lenny Engelhardt commented previously "NUITEQ's Suite of Snowflake applications demonstrates the creativity and fun consumers can have using multi-touch functionality where they can use multiple touch points to interact with the software. "

Other changes that have been integrated in the 1.7 release are general improvements, fixes, performance increases, overall interaction design and graphical design.

Currently the supported multi-touch technology platforms include; NextWindow, 3M Touch Systems, N-trig, Lumio, Citron and rear camera based systems. In addition, NUITEQ is working on the compatibility for the touch products from IR Touch and Nexio.

"We have collaborated closely with 3M Touch Systems, N-trig and Lumio to ensure that Snowflake is Windows 7 ready for these platforms. We are very content with these companies their involvement to enable Snowflake compatibility with these amazing true multi-touch hardware technology platforms. We are very excited about the launch of Windows 7 and the fact that Snowflake functions as a layer on top of that. This great new operating system will really boost the multi-touch industry and open up many opportunities."

NUITEQ's API allows third party software developers to connect their own developed multi-touch applications with Snowflake.

3M Touch Systems business manager, Scott Hagermoser, commented: "We are very pleased that our Windows Touch AQ projected capacitive technology has been integrated with NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite 1.7 to provide users with real-world applications offering 10-finger multi-touch interactivity."

Snowflake is worldwide being used in a wide variety of industries including Public Spaces, Education, Entertainment, Exhibition/Events, Military, Real Estate, Museums, Retail -stores and shopping windows, Interactive advertisement, Digital signage and other industries.

NUITEQ's SDK will be available by the end of the year, enabling users to develop their own multi-touch applications inside Snowflake that are compatible with Windows 7 and third party multi-touch hardware technology platforms.

A free evaluation version of 1.7 is available for download from the NUITEQ website.

Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITEQ) (formerly known as Natural User Interface Europe AB/NUI) is a Swedish innovative technology company with its main focus on delivering commercial advanced multi-touch software solutions, to a wide variety of industries within the global market, from governmental institutes to Fortune 100 corporations. Additional services include hardware solutions, consultation and support.

NUITEQ is a privately funded, fast growing corporation, supported by a venture capitalist, with its headquarter and Innovation center in Skelleftea (Sweden), additional Software Development operations in Poland and an office in Singapore.

NUITEQ's software product Snowflake Suite, which received a Stevie Awards finalist recognition for Best New Product or Service of the Year 2009 - Media & Entertainment, is available to end clients, software developers, system integrators, VAR's and OEM's. Snowflake operates on a wide variety of hardware technology platforms including rear camera based solutions, IR overlay systems, bending wave, surface acoustic wave (SAW), projected and surface capacitive, resistive and other touch technologies for small hand held mobile devices and larger scale interactive displays.

NUITEQ's vision is to change the way people interact with technology, through the mission of creating a natural interface between users and technology.

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