Magnetic Sports Soccer Edition and Magnetic Sports Hockey Edition iPhone / iPod Touch

Los Angeles, CA, November 07, 2009 --( Revo Solutions and Bulkypix are announcing their collaboration to provide games on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Bulkypix is going to publish Revo Solutions “Magnetic Sports” game series before Christmas. There will be a Soccer and a Hockey Edition.

Andrei Hanganu Lead Programmer @Revo Solutions: "The way our collaboration with BulkyPix kicked in for Magnetic Sports is rather funny. We were merely showing them projects created by our rookie developers for educational purposes mostly. Their reaction: ecstatic. In about 5 minutes they had elaborated a full plan for publishing and future improvements. Being so positively impressed with the games, and having such great spirit and vision we decided we could not ever find a better publisher, someone more interested and with so much vitality. We are totally positive this duo will be outstanding."

Vincent Dondaine COO @Bulkypix: “We are definitely impressed by what the Revo Solutions Team is capable of. They are creative and developed a strong 3D engine combined with great multiplayer functionalities through the 3G and Wifi networks. Magnetic Sports Soccer and Hockey Editions will be perfect to challenge your friends for Christmas.”

In Magnetic Sports Soccer Edition and Magnetic Sports Hockey Edition you are playing with your finger to pass the ball or puck to your team mates and shoot to score.

Each player has a magnetic field around him that conditioned the ball trajectory. These games strength is based on the multiplayer gameplay. You will be able to challenge your friends around the world through 3G and WIFI networks and to publish your results on facebook. Your iPhone becomes a massive Soccer or Hockey championship maker in your social network.

The games will also include a shop where players will be able to buy new downloadable content to enhance their experience.

Magnetic Sports Soccer Edition and Magnetic Sports Hockey Edition are going to be submitted to Apple soon.

About Revo Solutions:
Revo Solutions is a company specialized in quality assurance testing services for the gaming industry. Used to work on important name brand content for top publishers, we ensure that your games are high quality, on time, and on budget. Our services include Consultancy, Pre-Certification, Staff Placement, and Functionality Testing for PC and Consoles as well as Mobile Devices (Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Samsung, etc.)

Being flexible, the costs and scheduling are tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients. We are committed to deliver quality at affordable prices, to help reducing production costs and enhance your customers’ gaming experience.

About Bulkypix:
Bulkypix is publishing and developing games and applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The company was set up by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008. Bulkypix’s ambition is to create innovative games, such as Hysteria Project (won the French “Revelation 2009 Milthon Award, My Brute based on the famous PC Brand, BaDaBoo a simple and addictive casual games downloaded more than 650 000 times or Daily Quizz with 5 questions per day to learn and entertain you every day.

Bulkypix also develops and releases applications (cultural, commercial, and advertising).

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you have any projects you want to be published on the Appstore. Contact them on
Bulkypix website:

Thomas Nicolet
339 456 865