Empire Medical Training Course to Perform Both Tumescent Liposuction and Laser Lipolysis Procedures

Empire Medical Training provides this 2-Day Hands-On Course that prepares physicians to perform both Tumescent Liposuction and Laser Lipolysis procedures using the 1064 wavelength. Tumescent Liposuction is a practical, safe, and rewarding addition to any aesthetic practice.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Empire Medical Training Providing Advanced Medical Education
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Tumescent Liposuction w/Laser Lipolysis (1064 Wavelength) Course Dec. 11-12 Port Orange, FL
Classes are limited to (6) Attendees – CME 16 Prescribed Hours (Expected)

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Empire Medical Training teaches physicians of all specialties to perform liposuction and with relative simplicity add liposuction procedures to a medical practice with the proper training the newer techniques have exceptional results. With the average fee for performing liposuction at a relatively convenient level for most people it is easy to understand the number of physicians learning to perform Liposuction, Lipo therapies and Laser Lipolysis.

With over 550,000 liposuction procedures performed in 2007 it became the #1 surgical cosmetic procedure performed on patients earning revenues over $1.5B. Liposuction, including Tumescent techniques and Laser Assisted Lipolysis, is expected to increase by over 10% in the next (2) years. With patients requesting these procedures more than ever the primary care physician can provide safer treatment options by performing Tumescent Liposuction instead of patients going elsewhere.

Laser Assisted Lipolysis has been proven to add significant benefits by providing non-selective heating of the adipose tissue. Also, it helps overcome the resistance in areas of high fibrosis and enhances the procedure by the thermal destruction of the fat cell membrane (helps to liquefy the fat) as well as tissue tightening that is not possible with tumescent liposuction only. The advent and refinement of tumescent anesthesia and improved techniques and medical protocols utilized make Tumescent Liposuction a practical, safe, and rewarding addition to any aesthetic practice.

Empire Medical Training provides this Comprehensive 2-Day Hands-On Course that prepares physicians to perform both Tumescent Liposuction and Laser Lipolysis procedures using the 1064 wavelength that is the standard for body sculpting in conjunction with liposuction, these procedures are performed safely and effectively in an Office-Based setting.

Attendees will receive thorough training in all areas of Tumescent Anesthesia, while working closely alongside a cosmetic surgeon at the surgery center. Attendees will also receive a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the various aspects associated with Tumescent Liposuction. Through lectures, didactic presentations and a 300 page comprehensive manual physicians will be able to immediately incorporate these procedures into an aesthetic practice.

The most recent news at Empire Medical Training is the introduction of the newest program available to physicians. Empire Medical Training has added the convenience to training programs with the newest concept in aesthetic procedure training. The private aesthetic training is provided to the physician in the physicians own practice setting. Empire travels to the physician and provides training in the physician’s office. The physician has the benefit of earning revenue while in training.

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