Black Rose Productions, Inc., a Music Publishing Company Associated with ValMusic Publishing Presents "Thanksgiving in America"

Paul Val is a true American Patriot, family man, with much love for his family, community, and country. Paul's music is universal, and appeals to both a young and old audience. He has recently released his single, Thanksgiving in America.

Port Jefferson Station, NY, November 09, 2009 --( Thanksgiving is becoming the forgotten holiday as Christmas commercialism begins right after Halloween

The idea of a special day set aside to thank God for the many blessings he bestowed on this country started in the 1600’s. It started out in a random manner with individual colonies picking their own individual days. But in 1789, George Washington, our first president declared that America should officially honor God with a National Day of Thanksgiving. It was an important declaration that reminded all Americans throughout the young nation that God had indeed blessed them with the gift of freedom and a special day to express their gratitude. In 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt expressed his feeling of the importance of this holiday and set the date of celebration officially to the fourth Thursday in November where it stands today

In recent years the importance of Thanksgiving has been steadily diminished and the country seems to jump from Halloween to Christmas with very little said about Thanksgiving. For example, Christmas literally has hundreds of songs to commemorate the holiday. To our knowledge there is not one serious song to celebrate the important holiday of Thanksgiving.

In an attempt to overcome the complacency regarding this important holiday, and to help restore it to it’s true significance, Paul Val, a published songwriter from Long Island, New York, has written the first serious song about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

The song is called: “Thanksgiving in America” and it was recently recorded and passionately sung by Brent Carter, a soul and R/B singer who performed as a vocalist with the “Tower of Power” several years ago. It was recorded at Niteflight Studios in Long Island and it has been published by Black Rose Productions, Inc. It is currently available on their website, as well as and also on CD Baby, iTunes, and many other websites.

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