Pittsburgh Inventor Develops Multi-Function Picture Frame That Revolutionizes Art Display and Makes Home Theater Affordable

Pittsburgh, PA, November 09, 2009 --(PR.com)-- A revolutionary new concept that combines state-of-the-art home entertainment technology with “green,” eco-friendly values promises to transform picture framing and television viewing, and make home theater more widely available. The world’s first reversible, multi-function picture frame does all that, says Robert Rudzki, a Pittsburgh resident who conceived of and designed the device. “The reversible frame has several functions including viewing television and recorded media. Used in combination with portable, projection-housing custom furniture, the reversible frame enables both residential and commercial owners to simplify their entertainment and display technology. It’s a more functional, less complex and highly affordable substitute for full room home theater.”

Rudzki says his device “re-invents the picture frame.” It consists of a basic, everyday outer frame – the kind anyone is likely to have in their home and/or office – plus an inner frame that might be enclosing artwork, a mirror, projection screen, or erasable whiteboard. The L2 Frame is mounted so that the outer frame can be pulled away from the wall and the inner frame (containing artwork) rotated or “spun around” exposing reverse side which may contain a second piece of artwork, projection screen, mirror or erasable whiteboard. The L3 Frame mounts in the traditional manner and it's "inner frame" is reversible and/or removable, allowing for a third use inside the outer frame. New frames are manufactured from recycled wood. The custom furniture does away with the unsightly and hazardous tangle of power cables that unfortunately accompanies most home entertainment systems. Projection equipment and program sources are “disguised” by what appears to be a coffee or end table.

Rudzki, Founder and CEO of KIBAN Corporation, is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh and former Oracle Corporation executive who has devoted his career to software architecture and technology (kiban.com). His invention represents a major accomplishment for the home theater division of his company where he hopes to not only change the way people place and view televisions in their home, but also to create a non-traditional means of supporting non-profits. His business model generates a profit stream that can be shared with selected non-profits to advance their fundraising efforts.

The reversible picture frame and custom furniture will be introduced and demonstrated to the Pittsburgh community through a series of events to be held over the next several months.

KIBAN Corporation
Robert W. Rudzki