Adds Vital Information on Liquid Vitamins Pages

These days, there are a growing number of food allergies and dietary restrictions along with vegetarian and vegan consumers. Liquid vitamins retailer, a Life Force International member website, has added at-a-glance icons on each product page to designate what foods are gluten-free and also celiac-, vegetarian-, vegan-, and diabetic-friendly.

Harrisburg, PA, November 09, 2009 --( If you are diabetic, gluten sensitive, someone suffering from celiac disease, or a vegetarian, you already know it can be difficult at best to find safe food and supplement choices for optimum health. Being sensitive to these needs, Life Force International Independent Member has set up a special area of information on each product page of its website to address these issues. All customers will now know at a glance if the liquid supplement or liquid whole food is safe for their restrictions.

"Not only do we personally have those suffering with celiac and diabetes in our lives, we also have vegetarians, vegans, and those with food allergies," said Carolyn Schlicher, who owns the website along with her husband, Darryl. "We know we carry extraordinary organic and natural liquid health products and always are confidently advising about [the supplements] to our friends and family. We realized this information would be of great benefit to all visitors to the site as well."

The website pages now bear a colored circle with a checkmark in it to show when a product fits one or more of the following categories: gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, diabetic-friendly, and celiac safe. The icons can be found prominently after the product description. But the Schlichers have made it clear in their legal footer verbiage that Life Force International itself does not "approve nor adopt the information" from (or any other non-corporate, independent website). The statement continues that Life Force Intl. will not "verify or endorse such statements." This means that is the one making these classifications, not Life Force.

"We already knew from from Life Force member communication about the vegetarian, vegan, and diabetic classifications of the products. It was the gluten-free and celiac needs we wanted to know," said Mrs. Schlicher. At that point, she took time to carefully research each product ingredient and confirm with the company. She discovered that all Life Force International products are gluten-free. This got her excited. "This is a boon for so many people who are desperately trying to stay healthy the natural way but have severe restrictions," she stated.

The first product Schlicher researched was Life Force’s Body Balance, the organic liquid whole food vitamin supplement that is their most popular product. All the ingredients needing verification were on the list of celiac-safe foods at "I had a hunch that a product that has sold over five million bottles and been around for 25 years would pass with flying colors, but I wasn't going to leave any stone unturned," Schlicher stated. The Body Balance product is made from certified organic aloe vera and nine types of sea vegetation, along with few other ingredients added for taste and safety. carries more than just natural liquid vitamins and liquid supplements. They also carry homeopathy tinctures for mood improvement, and immune support, taheebo, colloidal silver, an herbal body wrap and more. All products on their site are manufactured by Life Force Intl. in Poway, CA.

Even though the Schlichers know all the products are gluten free, one product on the website doesn't carry the "celiac safe" checkmark. The Life Force International TrueGreens probiotic and greens drink is intended for people who desire nutrient-dense food and to build beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Of the 28 natural ingredients, two are wheat and barley grass which is the young grass that eventually forms the stalk that the grain (the part of the plant that contains the offending gluten) comes from. While the protein from the seed appears to have been used up by the time this grass is harvested, there are some concerns in celiac circles about minute amounts remaining or possible contamination from wheat or barley grains that could be in the field. Others feel the chance is so remote the wheat or barley grass (which is nutrient-rich) contains any grain that the nutrition should trump the fear.

The Schlichers weighed carefully whether or not they wanted to go with what the facts are on paper or what is assumed. Mrs. Schlicher decided to play it safe. "Knowing that Life Force considers the health of the consumer enough to get and consistently renew GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification when they don't have to, I am confident this product is celiac-safe. I'm just a chicken because of what social networking circles say." After a thoughtful pause, she says, "No, I take that back. I'm not a chicken. I just want to be 101-percent sure that we're recommending these products to the broad-base of support for these conditions. We'd rather lay down profit potential to give all customers full confidence in all of the Life Force products."

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Darryl Schlicher