Cochrane Author’s First Novel Hits Calgary Best Seller List

Sarah Junkin’s novel Stuffed is hard to categorize, but enthusiastic fans have pushed the darkly hilarious story about emotional abuse, alcoholism, and taxidermy to a spot on Calgary’s best seller list.

Calgary, Canada, November 10, 2009 --( For her debut novel, Stuffed, author Sarah Junkin chose to ignore conventional advice about writing a best seller. The book doesn’t fit any of the usual genres such as romance, chick lit, mystery or thriller. The subject matter is, to say the least, offbeat. But the unusual story about emotional abuse, alcoholism, and taxidermy—yes, taxidermy—has found an enthusiastic niche audience.

"I didn’t really try to write Stuffed for a particular target audience," said Junkin. "I wanted to write about emotional abuse because I don’t think very many people know that it can be as horrific for the victim as physical abuse is. The theme of taxidermy as a metaphor for restoration of damaged souls wasn’t really a conscious choice, it just emerged as the story developed."

What makes Stuffed (Infinity Publishing, 2009) different from other stories of domestic abuse is Junkin’s keen sense of the absurd, and her surprising use of humour to offset harrowing scenes of psychological abuse. Readers meet Hadley, who is married to Bud, a volatile artistic genius whose medium happens to be taxidermy. Hadley is so desperate for understanding and human connection that she joins Alcoholics Anonymous, even though she’s never been much of a drinker. This rash act sets Hadley up for a hilarious series of misadventures as she struggles to maintain an increasingly tangled web of lies while her life with Bud spirals to a crisis.

The central idea that Hadley joins AA seeking approval, not because she has an addiction problem, came to Junkin spontaneously, when she witnessed a real-life AA meeting.

"I was delivering something to my church one evening, and as I was leaving the building I overheard a woman in the meeting hall introduce herself, and confess that she was an alcoholic. I was amazed and thrilled to hear the audience, obviously an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in progress, burst into applause and loud congratulations," said Junkin. "I thought to myself that I wished I could experience the same kind of total acceptance, and in that moment I knew I had the hook I was looking for to begin writing a novel."

Stuffed by Sarah Junkin can be purchased through bookstores everywhere, or online at

Infinity Publishing, September 2009
ISBN 978-0741454683
Softcover, 249 pages, C$17.95

About Sarah Junkin

Sarah Junkin is a veteran writer whose work has appeared in publications across Canada. Since 2000, she has been a reporter and columnist for the Cochrane Eagle newspaper, developing a loyal following for her weekly column, Sarah’s Soapbox. Today, in addition to writing fiction, Sarah rants and raves with her uniquely passionate and informative voice, and quirky world view, at Sarah's SoapBlog. She has three sons, and she and her husband live in Cochrane, Alberta.

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