Introducing the Sukiyaki Feast at Sakura

Yokoso! Sakura now brings to Xiamen diners a real treat to savor - gourmet Sukiyaki at the Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen. This new found favorite, takes sautéing to a whole new level utilizing the traditional Japanese iron skillet. The complexity of this fine food combined with a knowledge of the story’s historical origin, and being enveloped in the cozy atmosphere of this Japanese restaurant allows you to experience a taste of the culture of Japan.

Xiamen, China, November 11, 2009 --( Sukiyaki is a style of cooking where your meal is made fresh on the dining table, utilizing an iron skillet over a hot flame. A plate of exquisitely marbled Kobe beef in finely sliced strips is arranged on the table nearby to this iron skillet. Accompanying the meat are plates of tofu, leek, Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, needle mushrooms, Konnyaku (jelly noodles), and more. The Konnyaku noodles should always be added in at the end, as they will soak up the delicious broth which can not be parted with.

Slowly cooked or simmered at the table in the iron pan, the food soaks within a delicious mixture of soup stock with hints of red wine, onion flavor, and sweet mirin. When you judge a piece of food to be cooked, before eating it, you must try dipping the piece into the small accompanying bowl of raw, beaten eggs. The eggs are organic, so no need to worry. But simply taste and enjoy the gentle texture of this little piece of heaven.

The questions needing an answer are: where has this tradition come from and why is it so popular? Sukiyaki comes from the two words, “Suki”, Japanese for “spade”, and “Yaki”, meaning “broiled”. It is told according to the popular myth that a medieval nobleman once stopped by a peasant’s home. Returning from a hunt, he gave orders for the game to be cooked. The peasant, realizing that his cooking utensils were clearly inadequate for the noble; therefore he cleaned up his spade and proceeded to broil up the meat on it. Since then this method of cooking has been adapted to an iron skillet and become a popular eating style all across Japan.

Perfect on a chilly November day, Sukiyaki warms you down to the very tips of your toes with succulent bites of freshly selected meats and vegetables. In Japan, it is on special occasions, that Sukiyaki goes all out in a joyful feast celebrated by groups of friends or family. Being a hands-on meal, a whole lot of fun can truly be added into the dining experience.

Visit Sakura and experience this truly fantastic feast with your family and friends. Altogether when it comes to Sukiyaki, done gourmet with organic food, adding a little story background, and some authentic feeling within a Japanese restaurant, you are sure to have a recipe for creating magic memories worth reliving over and again.

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