Re-Invented and Ready to Rumble with Life in the Music Business Again

A re-invention to promote skills and talent.

Dallas, TX, November 11, 2009 --( It's not easy coming back from a loss or fall in life but unless we totally give up the fight to live we have to keep on living some how. Re-inventing ourselves seems to be a constant reality in this day and age and that takes inspiration, imagination and drive.

After a three year absence from the entertainment industry Miguel Hilao; is returning with more than thirty years of experience and after being exposed to an army of competitors, a small circle of mentors and a wide variety of associates he has re-entered the ring ready to rumble and has re-invented himself as "zazziemo" a childhood name he created now has returned to emerge as a new character to represent his talent. A self taught professional musician, composer, sound designer, actor and voice artist is finding a need to re-teach himself how to use his old skills in a new way.

"Life is not the same as it was even a year ago so the way to do things has to change also these changes are not always easy to make. It takes time, effort and attitude adjustments." says Mr. Hilao. His rational behind this is since "zazziemo" is a type of alternate ego he does not have the same past as far as rejections and disappointments this helps give an edge to promote and represent himself without the negative baggage.This re-invention has taught him the need to be flexible and able to adapt to changes needed to keep up with today's world.

Will this effort make a difference in helping Mr. Hilao; get more work? Time will only tell. But according to him it makes it more interesting and separates him personally and that helps give him that inspiration to open the imagination and create changes and the drive to be ready to rumble with life in the music business again.

Miguel Hilao composer /sound designer
Phone: 214-821-9309

Miguel Hilao