With the Upcoming Holidays, OrientalPearls.net Launches a Campaign for Green Gift Giving

The environment needs champions from all possible corners. OrientalPearls.net, a leading wholesaler of cultured pearls and customized pearl jewelry, has launched a campaign and is spreading the news about green pearls.

San Diego, CA, November 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- www.OrientalPearls.net has launched a campaign and is trying to wake people up to the concept that pearls are friendly to the environment - they don‘t carry the bad reputation that gemstones do for their impact on the planet through mining and chemical use to produce finished stones.

“Well, our pearls are not actually ’green’,” laughed Lan Toma, the spokesperson for OrientalPearls.net, “But pearls are probably one of the most environment-friendly gems in the planet, mainly because high quality pearls can only be cultured and harvested from cleanest and nutrient-rich waters instead of polluted waters.”

OrientalPearls.net is a family owned company with freshwater pearl farms in one of the most ecologically pristine parts of the country in China. Such farms are carefully maintained in a natural state to keep the oysters that produce pearls healthy, and the surrounding areas benefit since it takes years to grow and nurture a single pearl. In addition, pearls are also harvested in such a way as to cause minimal impact on the ecosystem, making them an even greener gift.

“We want to see people giving pearls as ‘green‘ gifts this holiday season,” said Lan Toma, “and we are trying to promote that as our Christmas gift to the planet this year.”

OrientalPearls.net sells loose pearls, drilled or drilled; strings of matched pearls for fine jewelry making; and knotted strands in every length and style imaginable for casual or formal wear.

“Pearls are always in fashion,” Lan Toma commented. “You never see a celebrity or a political woman wearing pearls and think - ‘wow, why is she wearing pearls?’ It’s always ‘Hey look - pearls!’ We expect women to fall in love with our pearl jewelry, and guarantee we’ll work on each piece until it is exactly right, with a six month free warranty.”

With Michelle Obama and other celebrity wearing pearls, the company is hoping this holiday season will make the green pearls a top gift choice for jewelry in the fashion world.

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Lan Toma