OrientalPearls.net Announced They Have Teamed Up with a Gold Jewelry Manufacturer to Individually Customize Each Glittering Gold and Pearl Jewelry for This Holiday

www.OrientalPearls.net announced they have just reach an agreement to be partner with a gold jewelry manufacturer. Together they will not be only able to offer gold and pearl jewelry at factory-direct cost, but also they will be able to individually customize the jewelry to each customer’s requirement and specification - November 21, 2009

With the Upcoming Holidays, OrientalPearls.net Launches a Campaign for Green Gift Giving

The environment needs champions from all possible corners. OrientalPearls.net, a leading wholesaler of cultured pearls and customized pearl jewelry, has launched a campaign and is spreading the news about green pearls. - November 12, 2009

Michelle Obama’s Turquoise and Pearls at Sotomayor’s Reception Fuels Sales at CathayGems.com

At the existing economy climate, every bit helps, which is why www.CathayGems.com was so delighted to see their sales have been helped by Michelle Obama’s appearance at the recent reception for newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor. - August 26, 2009

OrientalPearls.net Announced That a Summer Sale for Pearls Has Been Started in San Diego

San Diego based, California incorporated www.OrientalPearls.net has started a summer sale for pearls on account of slow sales under the current economic climate - July 19, 2009

orientalpearls.net Announces Adding New 14k and 18k Gold Jewelry to Their Existing Products Jewelry Line

www.OrientalPearls.net, announces they have added new 14k and 18k gold jewelry to their existing customized-for-free pearl jewelry products line. - June 22, 2009

OrientalPearls.net is Having a Special Sale to Celebrate Month of June’s Birthstone – Pearls

www.OrientalPearls.net is having a special sale for pearls - the birthstone for the month of June - June 05, 2009

Pearl Jewelry Sales Are Strong at OrientalPearls.net Despite the Slumping Economy- Thanks to Michelle Obama

For centuries, pearls have been the standard against which other gifts are measured. Now thanks to Michelle Obama, Pearl sales are strong, as they are becoming the gift of choice for this upcoming Mothers’ Day. - April 24, 2009

OrientalPearls.net Started Easter Sales for Both Loose Pearls and Finished Pearl Jewelry with a Special Link for Their Patrons

www.OrientalPearls.net has just started their Easter Sales for both loose pearls and finished pearl jewelry with a special link to their patrons. - April 04, 2009

Eager to Increase Sales in This Economy, Businesses Are Willing to Accept a Loss

Bargains are in demand these days, especially when the winter is almost over, and as Spring is coming, clearance sales just began at www.OrientalPearls.net with finer gifts like cultured freshwater pearls, perfect gifts for a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday present. - March 21, 2009

CathayGems.com is Thanking Michelle Obama for Making Their Farm Directed Pearls in High Demand

www.CathyGems.com Farm Directed Low Cost Pearls are in demand, thanks to Michelle Obama for setting the example, at a time when the economy is struggling, many women may feel they can’t afford the expense of high priced pearls at a regular store. - March 04, 2009

Michelle Obama Makes Pearls Have a Comeback - the New 'Camelot'

The first lady Michelle Obama - the New 'Camelot' is making pearls a big come back. - February 20, 2009

cathaygems.com - San Diego Pearls Wholesaler is Giving Away Thousand Dollar Pearl Necklace with Various Special Specials for the Valentine’s Day

This Valentines Day, pearls are on the top of the list as the gift of choice. Wives and sweethearts alike can never turn down a pair of earrings or an elegant twisted strand of freshwater pearls. With the economy faltering and diamonds rising in price, pearls are the natural present to show... - February 07, 2009

Pearls for Christmas; OrientalPearls.net Gives Hope to Late Shoppers

OrientalPearls.net gives hope to late shoppers by offering electronically delivered gift certificates that can be delivered instantly to gift recipients for last minute shoppers. - December 22, 2008

OrientalPearls.net - San Diego Pearls Wholesaler is Having a Special Christmas Sales with Cultured Pearl Ring for $1.99

OrientalPearls.net holds Christmas sales with $1.99 for a cultured pearl ring with adjustable sizes in this challenging retail environment with other hugely marked down pearl jewelry. - December 18, 2008

As Big Ticket Items Sales Struggle, Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Gains Popularity

With a struggling economy, more and more people are turning to freshwater pearl jewelry for that lavish look without the exorbitant cost. - November 07, 2008

Good Deals on Pearl Jewelry Created by Global Recession

Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend, but pearls will win her heart in this holiday with bargain prices $20. www.CathayGems.com has launched a new selection of pearl jewelry that breaks forever the boundary between the gently rounded pearls and brilliantly faceted diamonds. - November 01, 2008

Pearls and the Party Line

Pearls has become a common theme both on the stumps and in the White House, and work as well for Democrats as Republicans, as prominent female figures in both camps wear the cultured pearl jewelry with grace and expression. - October 20, 2008

Enthusiasts Cheer as Pearls Prices Plummet - Pearls Wholesaler - www.OrientalPearls.net, in San Diego Holds Pearls Clearance Sale

Eager to clear space for holiday inventory, businesses are willing to accept a loss to make room for new shipments. www.OrientalPearls.net holds pearls sales with cultured drop pearl earrings for as low as $1.99/pair. - October 10, 2008

South Sea Shell Pearls Rapidly Gaining Popularity for Authentic Replicas of Celebrity Jewelry

With the advent of new south sea shell pearls available from Cathay gems, realistic duplications of jewelry worn by celebrities and other famous women can finally be afforded by the average American. - August 12, 2008

Slow Economy Turns Consumers Into Jewelers

Consumers Are Gobbling Up Loose Beads and Jewelry Findings to Save Money by Spending Time Making Their Own Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts This Year - May 08, 2008

In Tight Economic Times, Unique Pearl Company Offers Buying Public Value and Affordability

Freshwater Pearl Company’s Product Lines Offer High Quality Pieces at Low Prices - March 26, 2008

Successful Freshwater Pearl Company Branches Out to Add High Quality, Rare Tahitian Pearls to Its Product Line

www.Cathaygems.com New Offering Means the Public Can Buy Tahitian Pearls Affordably. - March 22, 2008

San Diego Based International Pearl Provider Announces Donations to San Diego Wild Fire Fund and a Free Pair of Large Cultured Pearl Earrings to All Fire Fighters

San Diego Based International Pearl Provider Announces Donations to San Diego Wild Fire Fund and a Free Pair of Large Cultured Pearl Earrings to All Fire Fighters

C D Plus, Inc. - San Diego, California-based provider of freshwater pearls and pearl jewelry, announces that 5% of all sales from its website www.CathayGems.com will be donated to San Diego Wild Fire Funds. In addition to a Free Pair of Large 9-9.5mm Cultured Pearl Earrings to all Fire Fighters, starting from today through the entire pre-holiday season, until Christmas. - October 30, 2007

New Online Store Offering Genuine Pearl Jewelry Unveiled in Marketplace Lacking Affordability and Free Shipping

Just launched online retailer offers fabulous prices on genuine pearl jewelry, strands, sets and more with low shipping fees and excellent customer service. As Cathaygems owns their own pearl farms, they are able to cut out the middleman, the results of which are low prices. - August 16, 2007

Growing San Diego Company, OrientalPearls.net, Offers Jewelers Authentic Freshwater Pearls Direct from Chinese Pearl Farms at a Fraction of the Price

Company Opens New Office, Adds Staff to Meet Demand Allowing Wholesalers & Retailers to Buy Pearls without the Expense & Hassle of International Travel - June 27, 2007

International Pearl Provider Answers Demand with New Piece That Allows Wearers to Show Their American Spirit

Orientalpearls.net Affordable Patriotic, Genuine Pearl Earrings Dangle with National Pride - June 23, 2007

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