Milanoo Reviews-Rapid Development of Attracts Eyes

New York, NY, November 23, 2009 --( If someone concerns about financial news, he probably had heard about It is a Hong Kong-based B2C e-commerce parvenu. The management mode of Milanoo is External Wholesale in Small Amount business strategy which is highly appreciated by industry experts, as well as its fast-growing performance.

Industry data shows that the current Chinese e-commerce is at a transition phase from C2C (customer to customer) to B2C (business to customer). B2C e-commerce business strategy with characteristics of trimness and professionalism is about to usher in an unprecedented period of rapid development. Authoritative experts have predicted that e-commerce especially B2C e-commerce strategy is destined to become a new engine in e-commerce industry. Nowadays B2C e-commerce is increasingly developing than before, and many people are eager to know who will become the new leading spot in B2C industry in this new escalation of e-business industry?

At the beginning, have won a large number of overseas costumers and wholesalers by oversea promotional. The cheap wholesale prices and high quality Chinese goods got lots of regular customers. At that time,’s international sales website in English ( and Japanese ( are also popular among the oversea customers.

According to an authoritative statistics, currently’s orders for the monthly wholesale trade increase more than 30%, and the rate of increase for the sales volume is more than 20%. The average monthly growth rates of newly registered members for wholesale are 36.94%. Up to now,’s products have been ordered by customers that from over 100 countries and regions. The development of wins more than 10 million loyal customers and over seas retailers. Now we can see why becomes a nova in the e-commerce field.

With its good business strategy and high-speed growth performance, has attracted a large number of high-quality talents, includes former employees from Newegg China's largest e-commerce company Alibaba.

Domestic manufacturers do not need to pay any Franchise fee to milanoo. When they cooperate with their suppliers, they advocate the zero-cost access to massive orders for the foreign trade. After determines to work with the domestic producers, they will provide totally free conglomerate service to them, from the overseas promotion to overseas marketing, and also the product after-sales service. The only thing cooperative wholesalers and manufacturers need to do is send their own products’ pics and the products information to and sign a cooperation agreement. The professional translation team will input all the product information to the Milanoo’s website, and the suppliers just need to login in and check their orders and send the product to milanoo’s international logistics center in Guangzhou, and then get payments are settled in real time without any inventory risks and the impact of exchange rate changes.

It is totally free in the entire Foreign Service process. only gets few benefits from the products price difference based on the wholesale price. So it is easy to imagine: only when the trade was successful, can get what they want. This new form of foreign trade commission model makes the whole process very efficient.

It is understandable that's attracting unique business strategy has become the focus of investors. also intends to choose the right investors to explore further international market. Investor capital and the creative strength of are bound to create new wealth.

Will Harris