Datang Mobile to Distribute Express Logic’s ThreadX® RTOS for 3G-Wireless Phone Handsets in China

San Diego, CA, October 04, 2006 --( Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. (Datang Mobile), a leading telecommunications corporation in China, will distribute Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS, FileX® file system, and NetX™ TCP/IP stack to its customers worldwide. Under the terms of a new distribution agreement with Express Logic, Datang will feature ThreadX as its preintegrated, preferred RTOS solution for its customers using Datang’s SoC or mobile handset hardware.

Under a prior agreement with Express Logic, announced earlier this year, Datang Mobile had licensed ThreadX for use in its UE (User Equipment) solutions for the TD-SCDMA (Time Division - Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) field. TD-SCDMA, proposed by Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group on behalf of the Chinese government, was approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in May 2000 and by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) in March 2001 as one of the 3G mobile communications standards. TD-SCDMA is the Chinese contribution to the ITU's IMT-2000 specification for third-generation (3G) wireless mobile services. Express Logic’s ThreadX, FileX, and NetX products have been integrated into Datang Mobile's UE solution for 3G wireless phone equipment where they are used to manage the software that controls RF communications between the phone and network base stations.

Now, with this new distribution agreement, Datang Mobile will also distribute Express Logic’s products through Datang Mobile’s extensive worldwide sales channels. This comprehensive software solution for handset manufacturers shortens development time and provides integrated, optimized solutions for high-performance communications.

“We are pleased to offer our customers the highest performance, lowest cost products in wireless phone equipment,” said Yuwang Sun, vice president of Datang Mobile. “Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS enables us to meet our demanding cost and performance goals and to provide these benefits to handset manufacturers, enabling them to get Datang-based products to market faster.”

"Datang is a recognized leader throughout China, and an ideal distributor for ThreadX to its customers worldwide who today produce hundreds of millions of handset units annually,” commented David L. Lamie, VP of Sales for Express Logic. "This agreement provides us with an excellent channel for growth in China and confirms that Express Logic has the leading technological solutions and expertise that communications equipment manufacturers need."

Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS is a small, fast, royalty-free operating system ideal for high-volume consumer devices where high reliability and low cost are paramount. ThreadX provides advanced technology to manage application software with extreme efficiency. ThreadX resides in under 10KB of ROM, enabling it to fit on-chip advanced SoC designs. This small footprint saves cost and power, while also reducing overhead and extending battery life in portable devices.

About Datang Mobile
Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd (Datang Mobile), registered and established in Beijing on February 8, 2002, is one of the core members of Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group. The company headquarters are in Beijing, with one subsidiary in Shanghai and one branch in Xi’an. Taking its excellent innovation and long-term accumulation, Datang Mobile is dedicated to the research and development of TD-SCDMA, a home grown international 3G standard. With the operation principle of ‘joint development, virtual manufacture and entrusted operation’, and on the basis of its self-own core intellectual property right and the whole series of products including infrastructure and terminal, Datang Mobile is committed to providing the total solution for the customers in the area of public and private communication networks. For more information about Datang Mobile’s solutions, please visit, call 00886-21-64957700, or email inquires to

About Express Logic
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Express Logic offers the most advanced run-time solution for deeply embedded applications, including the popular ThreadX® RTOS, the high-performance NetX™ TCP/IP stack, the FileX® embedded MS-DOS compatible file system, and the USBX™ Host/Device USB protocol stack. All products from Express Logic include full source-code and have no run-time royalties. For more information about Express Logic solutions, please visit, call 1-888-THREADX, or email inquires to


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