Low Dollar Boosting Funds: GHF Group

GHF Group announced today that the low value of the American dollar is having a positive impact on the value of its funds.

George Town, Cayman Islands, November 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- In the past six months, the US Dollar has fallen by roughly 12%. This is a continuation of a longer-term trend that has seen the USD Index fall by 46% since 2001. Commodities and other asset funds tend to do very well in a low dollar environment. There are two reasons for this; hard assets are a safe haven when currencies weaken, and most global commodities are priced in dollars. So foreign investors (whose currency has risen in value vs. the USD), can buy more with the same amount of local funds.

For investors outside the US, therefore, there is an excellent opportunity for effectively buy US assets at a discount. The GHF group family of funds is one example of how to take advantage of the historically low dollar. This strong buying position is reflected in the rising value of fund values and the high subscription rate of its products.

The future strength of the dollar will largely depend on how well the US government can control its budget deficit. The better the US is perceived as a debt payer, the better the dollar will do. Use this as your guide to determine when it might be time to begin investing in dollar strength versus dollar weakness.

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