Crude Oil Managed Accounts of Continue to Lead the Way by Introducing the Highly Anticipated Access Energy Program

Nowadays investors are asking for alternative investments and in particular the trend is leaning towards the lucrative crude oil managed accounts together with the forex managed accounts.

New York, NY, November 14, 2009 --( Adding to the existing leading portfolio of the Access Energy Program compliments the now more traditional Forex market as an asset class with the trading focus on the Energy Markets.

Research has shown that investors are seeking alternative investments and the commodity markets are feeling fresh placements flood in on a daily basis. Investors frequently find that market volatility creates great returns coupled with risk of loss at the same rate. Forex managed accounts have proven to be, not only attractive, but highly sought after when investors need strategically experienced asset managers to trade on their behalf. Investors can now access the lucrative oil markets in exactly the same way with their funds traded by a professional external asset manager (Crude Oil Managed Accounts).

Barry Joldas quoted "The requests we are receiving through our currency managed accounts information website is increasing rapidly, investors are asking for other alternative solutions, and in particular the trend is leaning towards the lucrative crude oil market."

Taking advantage of the geo-political influences as well as fundamental trends is a positive way to benefit from a falling market. Oil traders have profited greatly from the fluctuations in oil prices, strategies can vary from intraday to futures and options trading.

"All Investments carry risk, and only seasoned or qualified investors should look to contact us regarding the Access Energy Program as this particular trading team has provided consistent results for investors with stomach." Advises Joldas.

The Swiss asset management firm that is responsible for the Access Energy Program draws experience from its network of experts and cutting edge technology. continues to solidify its position as the website for comparison of alternative solutions.

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