Liquid Supplements Vendor Ocean's Bounty, LLC. Joins Forces with

If a business takeover is supposed to be hostile and vicious, two small businesses in different areas of the country didn't get the memo. Life Force International Independent Member Ocean's Bounty, LLC announced Friday that it has given over its operations to in its pursuit of educating the public about Life Force International organic liquid vitamins and natural liquid supplements.

Orlando, FL, November 14, 2009 --( Talking to Don Polise, you'd never know a business takeover could mean wonderful things. Polise is the spokesperson for Florida-based Ocean's Bounty, LLC., who recently granted retail website complete control of its business operations to further educate customers on the benefits of liquid vitamins and liquid herbal supplements. In a statement released Friday, Polise confirmed that Ocean's Bounty, LLC, who is run by his wife, Virginia, is now redirecting all of their website traffic to the website.

Polise stated, "We are so glad to be able to help in this way. They were key to the search engine recognition and ranking we received so early. They even had placed a link to our site from their home page. Show me any competitor in any industry that would ever do that." Polise continued, "We have always had a friendly rivalry in business, but on a personal level Virginia and I know that Carolyn and Darryl would do absolutely anything for us." Carolyn and Darryl Schlicher co-own

Ocean's Bounty, LLC was formed in 2007 in response to the overwhelming positive experience that the Polises had while taking the liquid supplement products from Life Force International in Poway, CA. Because the main product that increased their health, Body Balance, is based on an aloe vera/seaweed formulation, Mrs. Polise named the company "Ocean's Bounty" to highlight the sea vegetation nutrition aspect. Mrs. Polise also sold Body Balance and other Life Force products from their home. Ongoing family responsibilities and different opportunities were the incentive to grant the copyright of the site. Complete redirection of to took place earlier this week.

When reached for comment on Friday, Carolyn Schlicher seemed surprised at Mr. Polise's comments of indebtedness to "If anything, it's the other way around. This might just sound like lip service, but it's not. The Polises are generous, wise, dedicated, and a great example of what businesspeople ought to be. We learned so much from them about advertising, marketing, and calculated risk-taking. The fact that we now have their information and data is invaluable to us. But on a personal level, we are far more proud to know them." Schlicher paused as her voice shook a little, "We've never even met face-to-face. As far as I'm concerned, they are now my friends for life."

To hear two competing businesspeople talk with such high praise and commitment to each other is refreshing in an age where businesses display extraordinary hostility to any competitor of their products. In fact, these two small businesses a thousand miles apart are proving how "big" they really are.

About is a Pennsylvania-based online retailer specializing in organic liquid vitamins and other natural liquid herbals and supplements manufactured by Life Force International. Online since 2006, the company has received awards for business practices, methodology, and service and additionally offers customer service certification for websites in all industries. In November of 2009, acquired Ocean's Bounty, LLC. You can find the company online at

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