The Dynamic Duo Strikes Again

Saddle Brook, NJ, October 04, 2006 --( James Sharpe and Pete Masters, the boys from the Positioning Group LLC, did it again. The Positioning Group teamed up with SBR Lines to start an affiliate program. This program will allow the positioning groups members to access all their sports investment accounts at the same time. Members also receive huge sign up and re-up bonuses for going through the affiliate program.

“This is the final frontier of sports investments,” says James Sharpe, a professional handicapper from New Jersey and co-creator of the Power Position Betting home-study course. “With access to all your accounts at the same time and real time odds, you really have the ability to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk. Plus getting bonuses of up to 25% of your investment, gives you the best of both worlds.”

James is a powerful, entertaining interview. He'll tell your audience:

· Why the most common myths and stigmas surrounding sports betting is holding back everyone's potential for great returns.
· How to actually “Day-Trade” sports with no risk involved
· Real “head-to-head” examples pitting the stock market versus sports handicapping (The results are astounding)
· The worst mistakes most investors make on Wall Street and how the savvy sports investor uses them to his advantage.
· How compounding interest can make you tens of thousands percent return on your money every year through the science of sports handicapping.
· Why anyone can make huge returns in sports without being an expert.
· Great stories of success from people who have used James' easy-to-use, guaranteed “sports investing” techniques.

James Sharpe, co-creator of the “Power Position Betting” home-study course, has received critical acclaim from the media, professional handicappers and investors from around the country. He's regarded as one of the greatest handicappers of his generation. By the end of your interview, you'll be convinced that James has all the answers. He's an excellent interview that will thrill you and your audience. Book Early!

For further information Contact: James Sharpe @ (201) 919-3003

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