Universal Products Introduces Blown Head Gasket Stop Leak Treatment for Consumer Market

Universal Products, Inc. introduces blown head gasket stop leak treatment for do-it-yourself consumer market. The Pour-N-Go formula is $34.95, a fraction of the cost of the hard part repair.

Charleston, SC, November 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- To encourage the trial of its stop leak products that repair leaks in automotive systems, Universal Products, Inc. is now offering a “Do it Yourself” Pour-N-Go formula for the retail consumer to permanently seal a blown head gasket, warped or cracked head, engine block leak, heater core and freeze plug. At $34.95 the consumer considers this “chump change” in comparison to a $1000+ hard part repair.

“We want our customers to know that even when a leak is unusually difficult to seal, there is no harm in trying our products,” says Universal Products VP Christopher Rodriguez. “In reality, when customers use our products, they have a sealant success rate of over 90 percent. And no matter what, our stop leak will not damage a car or truck’s engine because it’s 100% chemical unlike some sealants that contain filings or pellets to plug leaks.”

This 16 oz formula is formulated to reduce steps for the less mechanically inclined; with steps like “replace radiator cap” the retail consumer just needs a little over 2 hours to follow these six simple steps. The mechanic is now in the bottle.

About the Company:

Universal Products, Inc. is dedicated solely to developing, manufacturing, and selling products that stop a leak in an automotive engine and system. It features one of the industry’s most comprehensive stop leak product lines, including Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealant for fixing blown head gaskets, Read Angel A/C Stop Leak for sealing leaks in air conditioners and the White Shepherd Line for sealing leaks in fluid oil systems

The Universal Products line is engineered to not harm an automotive engine or system, and is supported by a 100% money-back guarantee. In addition to being available over the Internet and at the garage, Universal Products sealants are also available at most automotive retailers, including AutoZone, CarQuest, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Pep Boys Stores. The 16 oz. “Do it yourself Formula is available exclusively via the web at www.gouniversalproducts.com/product-119-Blue-Devil-Head-Gasket-Sealer-POUR-N-GO.html.

Universal Products, Inc.
Barnaby Wickham