New Zealand Artist Leisa Collins Returns Home to Exhibit Art with a Message and House Portrait Works

Auckland, New Zealand, November 18, 2009 --( After two decades of social activism that took her to the four corners of the globe and gave her a firsthand view of diverse cultures and social inequities, Leisa Collins, has taken up her paintbrush again and recently returned to New Zealand and her full-time art career.

Leisa is now combining her activist and artistic skills under the motto of art with a message. Her website stresses the importance of the artist bringing about social change and her Art in Action page includes her activities in this regard. Her website also includes an on-line gallery, featuring semi-abstract as well as realistic landscape and portrait works. She regularly posts on her Art with a Message Blog and keeps her friends and clients updated through her newsletter, Art in the Making.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Leisa embarked upon formal art training at 17, however after only a few months she abandoned the classroom, opting to learn her craft through capturing on canvas the beauty of the countryside. Exploring every nook and cranny of New Zealand, she financed her adventures by selling her work as she went. “It’s great to be back in Auckland,” says Leisa. This is my old stomping ground. It’s where I had my first studio and held my first exhibit, and many other firsts as well.” Leisa is currently creating her latest New Zealand series while doing house portraits on commission. “I have always found that to be a very fun activity in New Zealand because so many of the homes here have serious personality!”

Before returning to New Zealand Leisa completed a 7,000 mile journey across the United States that marked her reemergence into the art world and captured the faces and places of America on her canvas. Entitled Across the USA from the Eyes of an Artist tour the tour started in Los Angeles on September 1 and ended in New York on October 15.

“Art is a powerful means of communication and is therefore a potent weapon to bring about change,” says Leisa. Art for me is something that goes far beyond the walls of the studio.”

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