New Xandros Company Launches First Custom White Label App Store Service

Apps2Market enables the fast creation of custom app stores that deliver any type of digital content to any Internet-connected device

New York, NY, November 19, 2009 --( Xandros today announced the launch of Apps2Market, the first true cross-platform white label application store and m-commerce service. Apps2Market creates custom app store environments that are capable of reaching users with any digital content and applications in a growing, fragmented internet-connected device market. Rather than incurring the cost and challenges of building and maintaining an app store platform on their own, device manufactures, content providers, software vendors, automotive vendors, and carriers now leverage Apps2Market’s centralized managed services platform to quickly create custom branded app stores to address multiple audiences for any internet-connected user.

“We are seeing an explosion of exciting Intel- and ARM-based web enabled devices, but their success in this ultra-competitive environment will depend on apps and content access and ease of m-commerce, as was the case with the iPhone and iPod,” said Andreas Typaldos, CEO of Xandros. “Our new Apps2Market app store and m-commerce platform and service company levels the playing field by enabling carriers and OEMs to quickly create vibrant communities of users and vendors.”

With integrated m-commerce services, Apps2Market enables the single-click sale of any kind of digital content – including applications, software updates, music, movies, cloud services and widgets – on any hardware platform or operating system.

Unlike competing application store solutions, the white label Apps2Market service gives providers complete control of their branding and feature requirements, including what devices to support, what communities to reach, what content to provide, and under what licensing and revenue share terms.

“The ongoing convergence in consumer electronics, together with the pervasiveness of internet-connected devices and digital content, has introduced a new era in m-commerce services in which application stores are critical to success,” said Larry Kettler, President of Apps2Market. “By leveraging our Apps2Market hosted services, partners can quickly get to their addressable markets with a consistent content-delivered experience at a much lower cost of entry.”

The Apps2Market platform supports all digital content types including software applications, widgets, eBooks, eMagazines, cloud apps, videos, and music and it is compatible with any Intel X86 or ARM-based hardware running Windows, Android, Linux, Moblin, Ubuntu, Chrome and other popular operating system environments. From its single hosted m-commerce platform, Apps2Market can reach all types of internet-connected users using all types of next generation connected devices including netbooks, smartbooks, tablet PCs, smartphones, MIDs, IPTVs, eReaders, digital displays, set-top boxes, car infotainment systems, and dotomics.

Apps2Market Available Now
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About Apps2Market
Apps2Market is the first white label hosted app store service, delivering any kind of digital content – applications, software updates, music, movies, cloud services and more – to next-generation Internet-enabled devices, regardless of hardware or operating system. Apps2Market is a Xandros company headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit


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