Custom Compound Pharmacy Meets Demand for Liquid Tamiflu – Parents No Longer Have to Wait to Fill Prescriptions

San Fransico, CA, November 29, 2009 --( Koshland Custom Compound Pharmacy announced today that it is meeting the demand for patients needing Liquid Tamiflu, particularly for the overwhelming number of children diagnosed with Swine Flu, commonly referred to as the H1N1 flu. Currently, Tamiflu suspension can only be obtained by compounding pharmacies, and the FDA has instructed physicians and patients needing the liquid form of Tamiflu to find a compounding pharmacy to fill the prescription. Tamiflu Suspension is a more palatable option for children who have difficulty swallowing pills and can have a custom flavor to meet the needs of the child. Liquid Tamiflu is commonly prescribed by physicians to treat H1N1 flu.

According to recent article in USA Today, Roche Labs won’t have Liquid Tamiflu available until sometime in December. The wait is over, Koshland Pharm, Custom Compounding Pharmacy has plenty on hand to meet the demands of parents all across the San Francisco bay area. Please contact your physician today to have your prescriptions filled. The pharmacy is conveniently located at 301 Folsom Street, Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94105. You can reach the pharmacy by calling 415-344-0600 or faxing in your prescription to 415-344-0607, or via the web at koshlandpharm dot com

Peter Koshland, President and CEO, of Koshland Pharm: Custom Compounding Pharmacy states “our high-quality Liquid Tamiflu preparations will ensure that patients will be able to continue treatment without any noticeable lapses in their current therapy.”

Koshland Pharmacy is fully equipped and readily available to meet patients’ needs during manufacturer backorders. Filling this void is just one of the reasons why compounding pharmacies are a vital component of the healthcare system.

About Koshland Custom Compound Pharmacy
Koshland Pharm is a custom compounding pharmacy specializing in hormone replacement therapy. We provide compounded medications of the highest quality with unsurpassed expertise, top-of-the-line equipment, and numerous quality control measures. By engaging in an ongoing dialogue with our patients and providing education forums on health-related topics, Koshland Pharm empowers people to take charge of their health, improve their quality of life on health-related topics, and prevent disease.

What is Compounding?
Compounding is the process of creating “custom” prescriptions. Some conditions are best treated with medications that are not available in standard commercial formulations. With a compound prescription, you get the most effective treatment, delivered in the most appropriate and convenient dosage form.

Peter Koshland, PharmD, founder of Koshland Pharm, is an expert in the field of compounding pharmacy and hormone replacement therapy. Koshland is also an adjunct professor of clinical pharmacy at UCSF.

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