Americans Learn About Bach Flower Therapy

Americans are learning about one of the most popular herbal therapies in the world beginning with how to pronounce it properly.

Dallas, TX, November 19, 2009 --( Most Americans mispronounce one of the most popular herbal therapies in the world. Bach Flower Remedies are usually pronounced like the German composer but in England they say it like "batch" and even that's not right. When Edward Bach went to London for medical school his classmates mispronounced his family name (bātch) and he was never able to get them to say it right.

In 1917 Dr. Bach was diagnosed with cancer and given just three months to live but he lived for another 19 years due to the natural remedies he developed that today are called Bach Flower Therapy. He found 38 different flower and plant essences that had beneficial healing properties, each one corresponding to a different human emotion. It's possible to combine up to nine different essences into one customized treatment so there are a total of 292 million different therapy combinations. Dr. Bach created one standard combination remedy called Rescue Remedy for quick use in an emergency.

One of the unique characteristics of Bach Flower Therapy is the concept to treat the person, not the disease. Practitioners ignore the physical symptoms of the health problem and focus on the current emotions of the person because the human body can heal itself if we let it. Stress and our emotions can block our natural healing ability so these natural remedies help us heal ourselves.

Today the Bach Centre continues to prepare the mother tinctures in the same way prescribed by Dr. Bach more than 70 years ago. Originally they manufactured all of the remedies but the growth in popularity of this natural therapy meant licensing the rights to a bigger company. Today their mother tinctures are shipped to Nelsons for further processing and shipping to customers around the world.

The milestone 50th episode of the UnBreak Your Health podcast program featured Bach Centre spokesman Stefan Ball, a consultant at the organization in England and co-author of Bach Flower Remedies for Animals. He talked with host Alan Smith about how to select essences and the best to take them. Mr. Ball explained that the therapy is also unique because taking more of it doesn't increase its therapeutic benefit. "Each essence is like a melody and so long as you can get the message, you'll benefit from it, hearing it more loudly doesn't change anything" he said.

Coming up next is Dr. George O'Clock, former president of the International Biological Closed Electrical Circuits in Medicine and Biology, talking about the Electrotherapy developed by Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom. The ABC News program 20/20 featured Dr. Nordenstrom in a 1983 program but his work has largely been ignored in America since that time. In the meantime he worked in China to improve their cancer survival rates to four times higher than the U.S. survival rates and more.

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