New Health Book Series

The first book of a new health book series being published by Loving Healing Press is the fourth book by author Alan Smith. - May 26, 2017

UnBreak Your Health Podcast Scores First Interview with Heir to EFT

EFT is one of the most popular CAM therapies in the world but after the retirement of its creator it was up to his daughter to continue the training of the original process. Tina Craig is expanding the training with new programs at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology announced during her first interview on the UnBreak Your Health podcast program. - June 03, 2011

Unbreak Your Health Features Book That Changed a President

Former President Clinton has changed his eating habits from cheeseburgers to fruits and vegetables after reading the research in the best-selling book The China Study. The whole food, plant-based diet has improved his health and helped him lose weight. The co-author of the book, T. Colin Campbell, Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, was interviewed on UnBreak Your Health for National Nutrition Month. - March 17, 2011

UnBreak Your Health Podcast Features New Chinese Therapy Coming to America

An innovative new type of meditation being researched at the University of Oregon demonstrates rapid success in early results. - December 03, 2010

New Map to Find Better Health Part of How to Unbreak Your Health

New Second Edition of Award-Winning Book Offers Signposts, Suggestions for Exploring the World of Complementary and Alternative Health Therapies. - June 23, 2010

Americans Learn About Bach Flower Therapy

Americans are learning about one of the most popular herbal therapies in the world beginning with how to pronounce it properly. - November 19, 2009

New Edition of CAM Book Supports Obama’s Health Initiative

President Obama is open to including CAM in health care reform efforts. Senate hearings in February reflect trend of growing awareness and acceptance of alternatives. Award-winning guide to complementary and alternative therapies being published in hardcover next month to help Americans discover alternatives to prescription drugs and surgery. - May 09, 2009

Texas Legislators Learn About Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Members of the Texas legislature's health committees are receiving copies of a book from the Texas Health Freedom Coalition to learn about complementary and alternative medicine. - February 18, 2009

UnBreak Your Health is Newest Addition to Amazon's Kindle

The Kindle electronic reader from continues to add new titles of books, magazines, newspapers and even blogs. The addition of UnBreak Your Health raises the total number of available titles to over 170,000. - October 02, 2008

Health Care Author Offers Help to Vets

Health care author Alan Smith is donating copies of his award-winning book UnBreak Your Health to the Books 4 Boots program to help America's wounded warriors. - September 19, 2008

New Health Information Podcast

There is a reliable new source of health information on complementary and alternative medicine available by podcast. The award-winning author of UnBreak Your Health is adding a new 20-minute show weekly featuring a different therapy. - July 25, 2008

Well Being Journal Features New Health Book

National publication highlights one of the most interesting chapters in award-winning new book on complementary and alternative therapies. - February 08, 2008

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