Befact Technologies Unveils New PoE PD Module Cost Competitive Thin Type Isolated Embedded PoE SPD Modules

Hsinchu City, Taiwan, November 21, 2009 --( For consumer electronics market, Befact Technologies furthermore launches cost competitive and high quality embedded SPD Modules in November, 2009. SPD series modules support two output voltages - 5.1V (SPD-50) and 12V (SPD-12). SPD-12 can deliver up to 12W output power, maximum DC/DC converting efficiency is 89% @ full load. SPD-50 can deliver up to 12W output power, maximum DC/DC converting efficiency is 85% @ full load. The operation temperature is from -15℃ to 55℃.

SPD modules are compliant with IEEE 802.3af power classification, its isolated and thin type module. They support PSE Alternative A and Alternative B connections. SPD modules are much more “slim” than embedded TPD series modules -60mm (L) x 16.9mm (W) X16mm (H), wide range application, low cost version but high DC/DC converting efficient. SPD modules are pin to pin compatible with TPD modules, SPD modules are more convenient to fit in difference products and applications that the space is concerned condition.

SPD modules are low cost but high reliability, specially, in safety protection mechanism. SPD modules build multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) only, long life time operation and high stability, decrease the risk of PoE application in both of higher temperature and lower temperature. For safety protection mechanism, SPD modules equip many protections to prevent PD modules damage to make PoE application more easy and safe.

SPD features as follow-
l IEEE802.3af compliant.
l Low cost.
l Support PoE applications in both of Fast / Gigabit Ethernet environments.
l Support wide input voltage range- 37Vdc to 55Vdc.
l Thermal cut off.
l Short circuit protection.
l Over current protection.
l High DC/DC converting efficiency.
l Less external component – one output decoupling capacitor.
l Isolation level 1.5KVrms.
l Enhanced surge protection.
l Internal build in 2 channel bridge rectifiers support end-point and mid-span mode.
l Internal build in Thermal Pad-better heat dissipation.

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Rita Chen