Innovation in Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Sensors and Robotics Technology Drives Military Market

Recent Upward Momentum Seen in the Price of Several Homeland Security Stocks

Point Roberts, WA, October 06, 2006 --( (HDS), a global investor and industry news portal for the homeland defense and security sector, takes a look at the growing military market through, “Innovation in Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Sensors and Robotics Technology Drives Military Market.”

Battlefield operations have become a hotbed for technological innovation as the nation strives to protect and improve its military advantage. Garnering significant attention in recent years has been surveillance and reconnaissance, sensors and robotics technology, along with products that assist in safeguarding military personnel and equipment.

While the summer months saw lower stock performance from many companies within this sector, the past several weeks have shown upward momentum in the price of several Homeland Security stocks. As Scott Sacknoff, Manager of the SPADE Defense Index describes, "Whereas the SPADE Defense Index has been relatively flat throughout the month of September, a number of homeland security companies have outperformed the benchmark from anywhere to 0.5% to nearly 8%."

DRS Technologies (NYSE: DRS) is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide. The DRS Unmanned Technologies division has developed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle models, the Neptune™ and Sentry®, which provide surveillance in areas too dangerous to send troops into for intelligence and target acquisition missions. As Patricia M. Williamson, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations for DRS, describes, “Our UAVs are in demand by the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as special operations. Beyond our UAVs, we continue to see strong demand for our infrared technologies applied in surveillance and target detection missions on major U.S. Army and Marine Corps ground vehicles assets, helicopters and other aircraft, Navy ships and in night vision sighting devices that equip individual soldiers.”

Surveillance technology that includes sensors as well as reconnaissance devices has been a military segment that has experienced considerable evolution as innovators work with government to address battlefield and combat area requirements.

Argon ST (NASDAQ:STST) is a systems engineering and development company providing command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions. According to Argon ST’s Jeffrey Brown, Strategic Business Development, “There is a need for persistent and pervasive surveillance in extremely demanding asymmetric battle spaces and demand by our military customers for interoperability, remote access and control as well as full networkability. As a result, there is an ever increasing demand for smaller more capable full-spectrum, multi-function sensors and offensive Information Operations/Warfare weapons.”

Moving forward Joe Mackin, CEO of Technest Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:TCNH), a provider of advanced remote sensor systems, chemical detectors, intelligent surveillance and advanced 3D imaging technology solutions, sees significant military demand for long-range threat detection in various environments around the world. “The greatest demand continues to be the U.S. Department of Defense and the Intelligence community. More specifically, the ever increasing requirement for smaller multi-function systems that can operate autonomously in hostile environments yet still provide the data/information the warfighter requires for mission accomplishment,” explains Mackin.

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