1st Dedicated Online Self Insurance Magazine Launches Focusing on Self Insurance and Self Funding Industry

Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The Self Insurance Magazine has just released it’s first online, monthly issue dedicated exclusively to Self Funding, Self Insurance, and Partial Self Funding for both healthcare and Workers Compensation. The Self Insurance Magazine features articles by experts in the industry and covers important cutting edge topics, such as sales and marketing, finance and actuarial issues, legislative, legal and much more.

The Self Funding / Self Insurance Magazine will be electronically distributed to up to 15,000 employers, insurance agents, consultants, brokers, TPA’s, insurers and others. The Self Isurance Magazine has a specific focus online because most business people gather the majority of their information online.

• Almost 70% of Americans search for medical information online
• It is estimated that over 1/3rd of employers look for their health insurance options on the internet, and this number is growing. The majority of others gather information from insurance agents.
• Over 80% of insurance agents gather information about self funding and self insurance plans online through the internet.
• Over 113 million Americans search for health information online
• Most Americans now gather information online through search engines such as Google and Yahoo
• The Majority of Americans gather information on news through online websites and not through print media. (This is why many newspapers and magazines are going out of business and laying off employees)

The Self Insurance Magazine, also known as the self funding magazine, will expand it’s depth of content and articles it covers as it increases it’s readership and looks for cutting edge authors and articles.

The Self Insurance Magazine’s readership is focused on decision makers such as employers, health insurance agents, consultants, TPA’s and brokers.

The magazine is published by Free Health LLC, , a leading US healthcare media company that publishes the Voluntary Benefits Magazine and Corporate Wellness Magazine, two of the leading magazines in their “niche” industry. Free Health LLC, also organizes one of the largest US healthcare conferences called the Employer Healthcare Congress, which takes place September 20-22nd, 2010 in Los Angeles, and will have up to 2,000 attendees, up to 150 speakers, and up to 175 sponsors and exhibitors.

The Self Funding Magazine was created by healthcare executives who have run and administers self funded plans for employers for years. The creators of self funding magazine is Free Health LLC, a leading multi-media and publishing company and the creator of the Employer Healthcare Congress, the leading national healthcare conference for employers.

Thousands of companies provide either insurance products or vendor services and solutions in the self funded idnustry, and yet there is not a single dedicated online magazine with a large readership base. Employers and agents even to this day do not know where to look for quality TPA’s, administrators, networks, reinsurers, MGU’s and where to look for vendors who provide unique solutions and where to find the best self funded solutions.

Self Funding Magazine
Jessica Leopold