Lighthouse Advertising Group's Human Directional Sign Spinners Help National Chain Achieve Additional Visibility Nationwide

Lighthouse Advertising Group successfully achieves increased visibility and sales for a major retail chain in 30 states through the use of Human Directional Sign Spinners and custom advertising signs.

Los Angeles, CA, November 24, 2009 --( In this current business economy where every impression and perspective customer is so valuable, a campaign that spans 30 states and increases foot traffic by 30% is an incredible marketing achievement. This is exactly what was accomplished over the holiday weekend with a perfectly executed Human Directional Sign Spinner campaign by Lighthouse Advertising Group. Over 150 Human Directional events were executed in a 3 day campaign blitz that included high visibilty arrow signs and this form of unconventional but effective advertising called Human Directionals.

Lighthouse Advertising Group is a leading provider of Human Directional Sign Spinner services throughout the nation. They have become the industry leader by combining exceptional and experienced staff with supervisors that monitor every event. Lighthouse Advertising Group gained it's reputation as the premiere outdoor advertising company through its promotion of sales events and grand openings with products such as custom inflatables, mobile billboard trucks, giant advertising balloons and helium blimps.

Lighthouse Advertising Group LLC
Bobby Bolden