New Novel, "Jack: the Christmas Collie," Continues Nearly 100 Years of Collie Adventures

In a new novel based on a true story, Kevin Brett recreates the child-like enchantment and romance of the Collie stories of old with this delightful tale of a family and their Collie. “Jack” introduces a whole new generation of readers to the majestic, heroic and noble Collie. This Christmas, the Barnes family will receive a gift; a gift that will teach them about life…about sacrifice and about giving. Available from

Stafford, VA, November 23, 2009 --( Sometimes the perfect Christmas gift has a few perfect flaws.

One Christmas, Keith and Linda Barnes bring home a beautiful tri-color Collie. He is the perfect Christmas gift, or so they think, when the Barnes family finds themselves faced with a fateful decision. The Barnes will discover the gift that each of us carries inside, as they learn that life is not as perfect as our dreams, but sometimes our dreams may come true in ways we might not ever imagine.

Jack's ancient wolf instincts serve him well, as he becomes the perfect addition to the Barnes family. In true Collie tradition, Jack saves the day numerous times and protects his new family. Jack rollicks and romps his way through the Barnes home and their lives, changing all of them in ways they had never expected.

There is something compelling about the Collie that draws us to this breed unlike any other. They have instinct and intelligence that is superior to all other dogs. Inimitable, lovable, heroic, mischievous, majestic; yes, the Collie is making a comeback to the American landscape and pop culture. Captain Jack is a tri-color Collie with a penchant for mischief and more than a few lovable personality quirks.

Author: Kevin L. Brett
Ages: 12 to adult.

ISBN-10: 098193501X
ISBN-13: 9780981935010
Paperback: 6”x9”; 322 pages
Price: $18.00 USD


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