Free Radmin for People with Physical Disabilities

Famatech’s new social program assists people with restricted mobility.

Alexandria, VA, November 25, 2009 --( Famatech announced its new time-unlimited program, by which people with mobility issues can receive a Radmin license for free. The company has successfully piloted this program, and it now will be a permanent part of Famatech‘s customer policies.

Radmin is one of the most popular remote control software solutions. With Radmin a user can connect to a remote computer wherever it is. Radmin provides many opportunities for remote work to people with mobility concerns.

“Every company, just as every individual, should feel a moral and social responsibility to help vulnerable members of society. We consider such support programs our duty. If Radmin helps people with disabilities in their professions or, at least makes their lives easier and more comfortable, it will be one of the greatest of our company’s achievements,” says Dmitry Znosko, CEO of Famatech Corp.

According to the terms of this social program, to receive a free Radmin license, a user should send a scan or a digital photo of their disability certificate. Although the disability must be connected to problems of mobility, each case is considered individually, an exception can always be made.

The Famatech Team sincerely hopes that this social program will be at least a small contribution to the social support of disabled people. They are sure that Radmin can improve the lives of physically disabled people. For more detailed information about the program, please, visit Famatech social programs page.

You can also read about Alexey Fomin, a person with disability group 1, who uses Radmin for remote work.

Famatech International Corporation
Natalia Melnikova