DeLime Imaging Product Photography Adds Capability to Photograph Larger 360 Degree Rotating Objects

DeLime Imaging Product Photography has expanded its offerings for 360 degree rotating images to include larger objects up to 36 inches in diameter and 25 pounds in weight.

Raleigh, NC, November 25, 2009 --( DeLime Imaging Product Photography has just completed an expansion of their studio's equipment and capabilities with 4800 watts (equivalent) of additional lighting. This allows an increase in the size of objects that can be photographed for their 360 degree rotating images of up to 36 inches in diameter and 25 pounds in weight.

Jim Morrison, DeLime Imaging Product Photography's CEO and Chief Photographer, says "This expanded capability will allow DeLime Imaging to serve a wider base of client needs, not only for our rotating images, but also for larger product still photography."

DeLime Imaging specializes in 360 degree rotating object and high resolution product photography. The 360 degree rotating images are viewer controllable, with the ability to control both the speed and the direction of rotation. DeLime Imaging offers its clients a number of image control options and sizes with its rotating images.

DeLime Imaging provides high resolution product photographs and website-ready product pictures. The high resolution photographs may be used in print media or on a website to provide zoomable images that offer the opportunity to view important details of a product with superb clarity. For pictures ready to be inserted into a website, DeLime Imaging offers photographs that are customized to the client’s size specifications in the standard Internet format.

DeLime Imaging can be found on the Internet at The website includes multiple galleries of DeLime Imaging’s photographs, including interactive rotating images, product animation images, high resolution photographs and website ready pictures.

About DeLime Imaging:
DeLime Imaging was established early in 2009 in Raleigh, NC by Jim Morrison to provide high quality, low cost product photography, specializing in interactive 360 degree rotating images and high resolution photographs.

DeLime Imaging Product Photography
Jim Morrison