Homeowner Cuts His Heating Oil Bills in Half

Homeowner cuts his heating oil bills in half using new heating oil industry insider information. Oil heat marketing expert and consumer advocate reveals the shocking truth about greedy heating oil companies and their technicians and shows you how to keep their hands out of your pockets.

Norwich, CT, October 07, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The average heating oil consumer is needlessly overpaying their heating oil bills by as much as 30%. The unsettling truth is that many heating oil companies know it and, in some cases, encourage it. As a result, these multi million dollar companies and their techs are reaping huge profits from an unsuspecting and trusting public.

These controversial words come from John Bogdanski, marketing executive in the Heating Oil Industry and the author of a number of articles, including the book and video package "Heating Oil Secrets and Tips That Will Save You Money… What the heating oil companies don’t want you to know."

"Even if you’ve been doing business with your oil company for 20 years, your heating oil company never tells you all the details on how to use less oil and save money on your heating oil bills. It’s just not fair," says John Bogdanski.

There are over 9 million households that use heating oil that would like to know how they could save money on their heating oil bills.

John Bogdanski