eTouchWare Inc. Has Just Issued Its 1,000th License of TirminalTM and is Now Distributing Free Licenses of the Application to the Public

Sending extremely large files over the internet has been dictated by companies requiring you to use their services and servers. Now, eTouchWare Inc. has developed the technology which will eliminate the need for FTP and File Transfer services.

New York, NY, October 07, 2006 --( eTouchWare Inc: TirminalTM eTouchWare’s patent pending file transfer application that allows any PC user to send any sized file or folder to anyone, has taken a turn to the consumer market. After reaching 1,000 downloads in its debut month of September, eTouchWare is announcing that their proprietary software TirminalTM will now be issued free to everyone. 

The problems that users face today is that both disk space and internet bandwidth speeds are increasing, yet the methods by which they transfer files is still rooted in simple email attachments and FTP sites. Email is limited to around 5 MB sizes, and FTP is limited to the account size that the user pays for. Furthermore, FTP sites and services charge their clients on a scale of disk space needed and volume of transfers (bandwidth). 

TirminalTM is a stand-alone client that sits on your PC. It allows you to send a link to someone- either though an email or IM; by which they can open and see your files through their browser. 

The patent assigned, is a first in this type of file transfer method – a single client. To send files with TirminalTM, only the sender needs to have it installed. Because file transfers happen point to point, there is no limit on the size of files or the volume of transfers. 

TirminalTM uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) grade security; up to 256 bit encryption, which keeps your information secure. Also, because the information never goes through eTouchWare’s network or any other 3rd party server, there is no chance for data tampering or record keeping of any kind on any transaction. And each transfer can be monitored in real-time by the TirminalTM user. 

“We came to realize that our support overhead was too big for such a small application – and with users expecting to receive support for software that they pay for; there was no limit to the calls we were receiving,” said Simon Grunfeld, Director of Business Development. 

“We initially set our goal for 1000 to see just exactly how the market would respond to our product; we were very happy with the feedback. Now, we are going to distribute TirminalTM for free – while only charging our customers for phone support. Although, experience computer users will probably not need the company’s help, most end users will.” 

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eTouchWare Inc. is a software company specializing in .Net applications. They design, build and update custom made software bundles for different businesses and regions. They develop software for small businesses (1-99 employees), that have Big business needs. 

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