Mirror Mirror Imagination Group
Mirror Mirror Imagination Group

Mirror Mirror Imagination Group Takes Trend Spotting to the Street

Presenting “Crystal Ball Trend Surveillance & Navigation Tours”

New York, NY, October 06, 2006 --(PR.com)-- No more coffee-fueled status meetings … forget about power lunches … for savvy executives in search of emerging trends, it’s time to leave the boardroom behind … and take to the streets!

The gurus behind The Crystal Ball Trend Reports have launched the hottest trend in … well … trend spotting! The Crystal Ball Trend Surveillance & Navigation Tours are just the thing for million dollar CEOs who never get out of the office … beauty execs who want to shake things up … and brand managers who need to stay 10 steps ahead of consumer desires.

These private, futuristic field trips help company executives and branding teams take the blinders off … and their imaginations out. Tours are customized to your particular area of interest and guided by the Mirror Mirror Imagination Group’s own “beauty futurology informers.” These global cool hunters will show you firsthand the things that influence the making of new trends and will ultimately influence your business.

“The correlation between beauty, fragrance and body care, and industries such as technology, cars and liquor is not always clear,” says Jeanine Recckio, the world’s only beauty & lifestyle futurologist and founder of Mirror Mirror. “The Crystal Ball Trend Tours guide you in connecting the dots for your specific industry, and help you think about how your business relates to those outside of your category.”

You and your team will hop into a private car and hit the streets, armed with goodie bags and your very own “Trend Tour” cameras. You will become futuristic trend spotters, scouring the city of your choice—New York, Miami, London or Paris—for inspiration.

After an exciting day spent taking photos and collecting stimuli, it’s time to brain¬storm! Mirror Mirror’s future-vision experts work with you to synthesize your information gathering via our exclusive trendthink™ process. “We help you identify the macro trends and think about how they affect your business,” says Recckio.

The Crystal Ball Trend Tours are available now! For more information or to arrange your guided tour of the future, please contact Jeanine Recckio at 212 339 0037.

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