Do IT Smarter, Inc. Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Providing IT Support to Companies Throughout North America

San Diego, CA, November 25, 2009 --( Do IT Smarter, Inc., a Master MSP based in San Diego has celebrated its 10th anniversary of business.

"What started out 10 years ago on a shoe-string budget has steadily grown into a business far exceeding anyone's expectations," said Lane Smith, co-founder, President and CEO. "We are all very proud of this accomplishment and grateful to our customers and employees who helped get us here."

“We’ve seen a lot of changes in the past 10 years,” Smith continues. “Ten years ago, few companies depended on their email or web presence; today it’s a mandatory part of doing business. A whole new language has grown from the changes we’ve seen; spam, blogging, compliancy, phishing and viruses have a whole new meaning for businesses today. Ten years ago if a company didn’t have access to their electronic data, they had other means to keep working without interruption. Today, not being able to access your data means you can’t work and you can’t keep the company running.”

Do IT Smarter jointly supports over 1000 customers throughout North America with their channel partners comprised of technology service providers. The cooperative support model allows technology service providers to focus on their core competencies including account management, onsite support, project implementation and technology management. With the help of US-based resources available from Do IT Smarter, technology service providers can provide their customers with a comprehensive support plan. The cooperative support model positions the reseller as a trusted advisor for the customers.

Added Jeff Wieler, co-founder and Vice President of Services, "During our 10-year life span, our focus on customer service has never wavered. We understand that our partners and customers demand this of us. Because we offer 24/7 tech support staffed by seasoned professionals, whether you are a local service provider or an end customer, we have been able to deliver timely solutions again and again with a very high customer satisfaction rating."

Continued Wieler, "By being in touch with our customer base, we have also been able to anticipate their needs and grow with their business. That's one of the major reasons why we have been so successful. We very much look forward to meeting the challenges of our customers for the next 10 years."

About Do IT Smarter

Do IT Smarter, Inc. provides managed services to companies throughout North America. As a MSP Alliance Accredited Master MSP we are 100% channel focused delivering these services through a network of local services providers and IT technology support companies. Our channel partners and their customers gain efficiencies, increase productivity and increase profitability through their partnership with Do IT Smarter.

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