Stonhard Floors Play a Key Role as the Rebuilding of Greensburg Continues

Stonhard is proud to be part of the rebuilding of Greensburg, Kansas, which was almost wiped off the map after a devastating tornado in 2007.

Maple Shade, NJ, November 27, 2009 --( “Greensburg is changing every day,” states Mary Sweet, of Kiowa County Memorial Hospital. Stonhard, world leader in seamless floor, wall and lining systems, has completed the first phase of installing floors in Greensburg, Kansas’s Kiowa County Memorial Hospital. The hospital, along with most of the small town, was completely destroyed by an EF5 tornado in 2007. After the tornado, residents vowed to rebuild their town – bigger, stronger and greener.

In late October, Stonhard installed Stonshield UTS in the hospital’s kitchen/dietary area. Stonshield UTS is a textured, epoxy floor system with decorative appeal that cures to a durable, impact, temperature and chemical resistant floor. The seamless system maintains a hygienic, easy to clean environment by eliminating space for dirt and bacteria to build up.

Stonhard’s next phase includes installing 1,600 square feet of Stonres RTZ flooring in Kiowa County’s trauma area. Stonres RTZ is a highly stylized urethane floor system that is infused with rubber aggregates. In addition to being easy on the feet, Stonres RTZ also reduces sound, contributing significantly to noise control. The floor will also resist staining from betadine and blood, while remaining easy to clean.

The Kiowa County Memorial Hospital is aiming to open in early 2010, and as Stonhard completes work in the hospital, other areas of Greensburg are seeing revitalization as well. Schools are set to open in the fall, the façade of Main Street is changing every day and residents are returning to their homes. “We have 900 residents now,” says Mary. “Before the storm we had 1,200. It’s a good sign.”

For more information on Stonhard’s complete line of seamless, high performance floor systems visit them at or call 800.257.7953. Stonhard is a member of the United States Green Building Council.

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Jena Parise