Tom Callahan's Indie Advance Launches All New Website

Indie Advance's website gives the company a new avenue to showcase their integrated and affordable approach to artist development.

Manhattan Beach, CA, November 27, 2009 --( Indie Advanced (IA) is pleased to announce the launch of an all new website located at The site features useful information about the company and four affordable packages to choose from that will take your band to the next level.

The mission of Indie Advance is to foster the growth and development of indie artists by providing fully integrated industry knowledge, traditional and social media support, and other tools necessary for bands to reach the next level. "IA was created to meet the artist development needs of independent, or indie artists. We believe our new website provides us with a vehicle to showcase our integrated approach to artist development," said veteran music industry insider and founder of IA, Tom Callahan. Along with Mr. Callahan, Indie Advance is lead by seasoned music, marketing, and business professionals who bring a fully integrated and affordable approach to independent recording artist development.

As seen on the website, IA offers five affordable artist development and music marketing packages to choose from. The least expensive package, the "Garage Band Package," starts at only $500/month, and offers a one hour consultation per month with Mr. Callahan, bio writing, website review, basic internet marketing and digi upload implementation, and one press release. The second package is called the "Club Band Package," is $1,000/month and includes everything in the Garage Band Package plus additional services such as TV / Film Placement solicitation, your music on IA website and music player, and more social networking updates. The third package, which is $1,500/month, is called the "Tour Package". The Tour Package has everything in the previous packages as well as other services such as the A&R written reviews, worldwide licensing, video uploads, and a personal dedicated blogger and social networker. The fourth package is called the "Headliner Package," which costs $3,000/month, and includes The Tour Package plus one EPK edit, five hours of contract reviews with IA's lawyer Brian Perley, Esq., and one hour of consultations each with Ryan Farrell and Devin Buttner. The most expensive package called the "Global Star Package," goes for $5,000/month. This package is extremely comprehensive, containing all the services of the other packages, as well as five hours of consultation with Mr. Callahan per week, three recording artist reviews, and setting up your band as a business (LLC, Publishing Company, written contracts, accounting set up and training, and licensing).

The Headliner Package also features a dedicated, full-time, 40 hour/week "Band Assistant". But what is a "Band Assistant?" According to Mr. Callahan, "The Band Assistant is essentially a personal executive assistant that is dedicated entirely to taking your band to the next level and developing your band into the culture. They can do all the time consuming and repetitive tasks that all band members must do to get themselves out there and grow their fan base. The indie artist then has more time to do what they do best, which is creating and performing great music."

Indie Advance's packages are designed to aggressively market your music and persona so that you can reach your full potential in the highly competitive music industry. "Indie Advance is committed to fostering the growth and development of artists by providing the knowledge and the tools necessary to reach the next level, and we are confident that our new website will help us promote our innovative services," said Mr. Callahan.

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