Popfax.com Provides the 5 Main Reasons to Choose Internet Fax Services vs. Fax Machines

The advent of the Internet, broadband in particular, and the success of email could have led to the demise of the fax. Nevertheless, this technology persists thanks to Internet faxing.

Valley Cottage, NY, December 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- One of the global providers of professional Internet fax services, Popfax.com has the ambition to make fax by Internet available to everybody, making it cost effective for the whole world. They are continuously taking steps to broaden the understanding of this increasingly popular form of communication. Therefore Popfax.com is illustrating 5 advantages of Internet faxing vs. traditional fax machines.

Day by day traditional faxing is becoming an outdated technology. It requires a working fax machine, waiting for the document to be processed, and receiving the confirmation, and hoping the fax machine at the other end is working and switched on.

However, even though today email is widely used, sending documents by fax is still necessary for many businesses, and it can make up a big percentage of communication costs.

Today, many providers offer an alternative in fax-communication, Internet faxing. It is much easier to use and more powerful than a traditional fax machine.

There are many reasons why Internet fax services became so popular. Here are the main reasons, as seen from the customers’ perspective:

1. Reliable and cost effective – an Internet fax service provides companies with a cost-effective solution for sending faxes, and bases its architecture upon a redundant platform which is monitored 24/7 (as opposed to your dusty old fax machine which keeps getting jammed with paper). You can save on the expense of a dedicated phone line and of maintaining a fax machine by sending faxes via the Internet and you will benefit from a more reliable service to take or place your orders by fax. It is cheaper and more flexible with an Internet fax, where you can save up to 90% on traditional faxing costs.

2. Environmentally friendly - you benefit from an ecological way of sending and receiving faxes. You will cut down on the use of paper as you no longer have to print out all your faxes. Going green is a responsible attitude for a company.

3. Mobility – this is the key difference of using a web fax service. If you are always on the move, you can send and receive faxes using your online account or any email application. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, which means you can fax from anywhere in the world.

4. Multiple sending – In just several clicks you can send a fax to multiple destinations at once. All you have to do is prepare the document with the fax content and the file with the recipient's fax numbers. So, Internet fax promotes your business, saving you time and money.

5. Try for free – If you are not sure whether the web fax service satisfies your needs – try it for free. Many Internet fax services, such as Popfax.com, provide a free trial service, by which you can send fax pages for free in a settled period of time. For a free trial, Popfax.com does not require any bank card details and you are not obliged to buy.

As these reasons illustrate, a web fax service is an ideal way to start saving money, while increasing the effectiveness of communication. Now, we can make technology work and start faxing via the Internet.

Iulia Eftodi