Freedom of Religion at Risk

Denver, CO, October 07, 2006 --( In The Songs of Galileo: Voice of God, a novel rated five stars and called a “Must Read,” author M. T. Jones introduced us to Angel Waters, a teen-aged rock and roll sensation who believed he was receiving messages from God. The messages were so powerful and controversial that he was the victim of an attempted assassination.

In Book 2, The Songs of Galileo: On the Road to Paradise, Angel is back on stage, back in the recording studio and back to receiving messages from God. The fundamentalist Christians are back too, going crazy with disbelief that God would speak to a rock star instead of one of them. The result is a new federal law, forced on Congress by entrenched religious leaders, that outlaws any religion that doesn’t fit the “mainstream,” a law used to prosecute Angel. Does such a law sound impossible in the United States? On the Road to Paradise will convince you that it’s not. 

Throughout the book the author shows how some people will stop at nothing to profit from the needs of others. The Church of God’s Angels, a church supposedly founded on the messages Angel receives from God, is, in reality, founded on greed; a politically powerful televangelist, too caught up in his own importance, threatens the most sacred of America’s freedoms; and readers experience the trouble of being so famous that everyone you meet could turn out to be your worst enemy. says about The Songs of Galileo: On the Road to Paradise, “The characters…are full of life and diversity and the story is full of twists and turns that will keep readers turning pages. The messages here are powerful…from Angel’s visions…the lyrics of a song, and the blaring voices of newspaper writers and television preachers. The book is mind altering if readers allow it, sending its own message that I personally hope the world hears. Wrapped up in a great read, the total package is sure to be a fantastic if not controversial hit.” 

On the Road to Paradise is the second powerful book in The Songs of Galileo trilogy. Voice of God is currently available and Dark Heart of the Knight is written and soon to be published. 

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