Denver Video Firm Co-Founder Matt King Now Has Patent Application Published For New DiscProtectors™, DiscShields™ and DiscPreservers™ Products

Denver-based video production firm Co-founder and Co-owner Matt King of Remember When now has the patent application published for a new line of products – DiscProtectors, DiscShields and DiscPreservers -- that help keep CDs and DVDs free of “CD/DVD rot,” including off gas clouding, scratching, dust and other contaminants for future generations of use. Remember When’s original product line of memorial video tributes and life stories is what resulted in the need for the new products.

Denver, CO, July 13, 2005 --( The Denver-based video production firm Co-founder and Co-Owner Matt King of Remember When now has the patent application published for a new line of products sold under the trade names “DiscProtectors, DiscShields and DiscPreservers.” The announcement is made jointly by King and his business partner, Fern Bray, who have run Colorado’s premiere film company for memorial tributes and life stories from their Aurora production facilities since 2000. Details regarding the recently published patent may be found by searching under the “Published Applications” section at for United States Patent Application 20040262176.

“At Remember When, we put people’s lives, memories, mementos and family treasures on DVDs in ways no one else can and will,” explains Bray. “Therefore, Matt and I had to have a way to keep the DVD productions as safe as possible for future generations.” DiscProtectors – as well as sister products DiscShields and DiscPreservers – do just that, going well beyond the average film or video company’s effort to protect a final product on DVD.

These new products are special cloths that fit between the readable side of the disc and the case. When in place, the special material helps keep the disc from being fogged by “off gas clouding” of the case over a period of time. The “DiscPreservers” will also help to prevent “disc rot” by keeping high humidity off the edge of the disc when properly placed in the case.

We have found that most video companies producing DVD’s do not think this is a problem, according to King, and really don’t care about the threat. “We’ve found through our research that this is a serious concern. Disc rots, clouding, and scratching are common. And, at Remember When, we simply can’t take the chance with our families’ and clients’ important memories stored on DVD,” King says.

Remember When’s DiscProtectors, DiscShields and DiscPreservers offer these benefits:

1) They help to facilitate the ejection of the disc from the case. Therefore, guarding against the delaminating of the disc layers caused by prying or bending the CD or DVD when being removed from the case.
2) They help to prevent scratching of the disc as it is removed and inserted into the storage case.
3) They help to keep dust and other contaminates off the readable surface of the disc if the case is left open.

Additionally, Remember When DiscPreservers can be used to stack one disc on top of another to help prevent them from scratching each other. When sending discs through the mail, a “DiscProtector” would be inserted between each disc preventing them from becoming scratched. Or, a DiscProtector can be used when Storing on a spindle for discs without stacking rings, or on a desk. And finally, the disc is secured by the “DiscProtector” helping to keep the disc in place and taking the strain off the center hub, especially if dropped.

Remember When’s “Patent Pending” DiscProtector products come in both black and white material. Pricing is as follows: package of 10 DiscProtectors, $2.00; package of 25, $5.00; and package of 100, $18.00. Shipping and handling charges apply, plus sales tax for orders within Colorado. Contact information for purchasing the new products is found at – click the “contact us” tab at the top of the page once getting to the Remember When website.

About Remember When

"Matt and Fern do an absolutely wonderful job of helping their clients open up on tape, plus they are very sensitive and caring as they draw out special memories and discuss delicate feelings. And, therein is the art involved in this valuable process," explains Maggie Chamberlin Holben, a Denver native who has used Remember When several times since 2002 for video projects documenting her elderly parents’ lives.

Subjects for Remember When Life Tributes tend to be in their 70s and 80s, an interview demographic familiar to anyone who has watched Tom Brokaw's coverage of the World War II generation. As in Holben's case, it dawns on children and grandchildren that their elders have interesting stories to tell, tales worth hearing and remembering fondly in the years ahead.

King brings extensive experience in the film production business to Remember When. He has worked as a production technician for Disney and other Hollywood concerns, plus has been involved in numerous film and production projects in the Denver area during his filmmaking career. Bray, described by a local newspaper reporter as "a homegrown Barbara Walters," is the interviewer. She guides clients through a list of more than 150 questions designed to jog the memory and get across just who the person really is. Most often taping is done right in the client's home.

Both King and Bray had a personal calling to their unique and special video production business.

King was holding his own Dad's hand when he died of pneumonia a number of years back. Whereas King only had the sound of his Dad's voice left on an answering machine tape and the mere memory of his father's wonderful laugh, King is now making sure others have more and better options for preserving special family memories.

Bray's motivation came from her own daughter asking questions about Granddad. "My daughter said she didn't know anything about my father, and I told her it was time she learned," Bray explains.

"Good camera work is critical, but a production's ultimate success depends on the interviewer's ability to truly engage a subject. That's where Matt and Fern's unique combination of talents qualify them to help local families turn special life stories into personal videotaped treasures," Holben concludes.

According to the stated mission: "Remember When is dedicated to the telling and preservation of all peoples history for our loved ones, and future generations." Projects focus on video autobiographies and memoirs, special birthday and anniversary celebrations, family reunions and weddings, funeral services and family gatherings, memorial tributes, pet memories, photo montages and life tributes. DVD authoring and 8 mm transfer are also included in the services offered.

Remember When documentaries cost from $500 to $10,000, depending on the number of family interviews performed. Average cost is $3,500. Everyone’s situation is different and complimentary consultations are offered for interested families who want to learn more about Remember When services.

"This is such a giving thing," King said in a newspaper interview four years ago. "Ultimately, we're just trying to help honor a human being's stay on the planet."

Remember When has been featured in both the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. Matt King and Fern Bray may be reached at 720-859-1122 or by e-mailing The website is

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