Val Hilliker Comedy Ventriloquist Heading to Japan. How this One Woman Show is Transforming Lives with Her Comedy.

Val Hilliker, comedy Ventriloquist will represent Canada as a good will ambassador in Japan. She will be doing her English show in Japanese. This is her first out of North America experience. She is an Internationally Renowned Professional Ventriloquist.

Calgary, Canada, October 08, 2006 --( Hilliker has been studying Japanese and their culture to prepare for her shows with determination and excellence. Hilliker, Lilli and Mr. C, her Caterpillar puppet, will leave for Japan on Oct. 15, 2006 and return Oct. 29, 2006. She will be performing at schools and extended care facilities as well as a Ventriloquist Convention.

Hilliker’s shows are Virtue Project based and provide all ages with a moving experience. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing “Lilli the frog who always wears her duck suit” will concur. She has a fun way of getting to the heart of the matter and teaches us all what it feels like to be different.

However, this trip isn’t all work, there are a few day tours arranged for them to museums and a puppet play on the Awaji Island. Hilliker with be performing with her friend from the San Francisco area, Carol Greene, who is also a world-renowned professional Ventriloquist.

Ryoko Utsunomiya, who lives in Kobe, Japan, has planned every detail of their trip with excellence right down to their scripts translations. Utsunomiya has also provided the two ventriloquists with tapes of their script so they can hear how the words should sound.

Mr. C, will show what it takes to become the butterfly he was meant to be.

This will be Hilliker’s first trip abroad and not her last; she is the Ventriloquist to change the world one virtue at a time. Canada is known for their virtue of kindness and Japan is known for their virtue of generosity. Hilliker is delighted that she will be able to honor her host country, Japan, by doing her show in Japanese.

Hilliker says that by building a society of children with strong character we will have peace in our world. Anger and what one can do about anger is taught through her shows, and people go away with some valuable life skills so they deal with their anger.

Some of us have only developed a small amount of a given virtue, and a large volume of another. It is our job as parents and educators to bring out the best. We can live to our highest standard when we live by our Virtues.

All of Hilliker’s shows revolve around who she is. She walks her walk and talks her talk. If the time is right… you will too.

Val Hilliker, Comedy Ventriloquist
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