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Classic Card Magic is used by Conjurers to perform amazing feats of sleight of hand and to create illusions with a deck of cards. The site of offers articles and specialized supplies for magicians of all levels in the field of prestidigitation, including a new array of gaffed decks that are currently being constructed for the March release.

Coconut Creek, FL, October 08, 2006 --( "Tricks are for kids", as the popular saying goes, but not anymore - and we are not talking about breakfast cereal. We are talking about magic. There is no doubt that people love magic tricks. Any cable television special and many of the current movies demonstrate quite readily that card magic is on the rise. Its popularity among all kinds of people and all age groups is coming to the forefront of American Culture in this new millennium. That cannot be said for the 70's 80's or even the beginning of the 90's. With the rise of the Internet, magic has taken a new turn and has bound a host of people together under a common fascination to be "magically" entertained with amazing “tricks”.

Among the new Internet sites for card magic and supplies is is not interested in simply propagating the performance of "tricks" for people. Rather, is dedicated in keeping card "MAGIC" alive by retaining the mystery around not only the presentation, but also the figures that perform card conjuring. If one strips away the presentation and performer from the magic, something vital is lost to the overall feeling of the miracle that is taking place. In this way, card magic fails to be "magical" to an audience.  As Tony Corinda stated in his 1968 work, “13 Steps to Mentalism”, there is a difference between a “weak trick” and what people will consider “a miracle.” It is this “manner and speech” that Corinda says has been lost, and needs to be practiced in order to make a performance worthwhile. And that was over 35 years ago!

Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, president of says, "In an effort to keep classic card magic alive in a fast-paced generation that likes to see "tricks on the street", or the gimmicks of a Las Vegas "show", conjuring has to take a step up to demonstrate the "magical side" of what has made prestidigitation so popular for centuries. We are not just interested in “good effects”, but the whole package of making a performance so astounding in every routine that the audience understands exactly what has happened (a card miracle), and that they are “interested” in what has happened as well.”

In March of 2007 will open its internet doors to supply magicians of all levels with tools that will aid them in their performances.  The site will be dedicated to bring the "magic" back to card conjuring as "mysterious".  Its concentration will surround card magic and mentalism, including some of the newest created gaffed decks in those disciplines to arrive on the market – tools that will raise the bar in conjuring magic for years to come.

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Dr. C. Matthew McMahon