Denver Video Production Company, Remember When™, Records Family Memories for Posterity, Preserving Life Stories Through Extensive Interviews, Music and Old Photographs

Matt King and Fern Bray, owners of Denver’s Remember When™, are masters at turning lives of Coloradoans into wonderful videotaped histories for family and friends to enjoy for many years to come. They meticulously gather old photos and memorabilia from their clients, then – guided with a list of carefully crafted questions – masterfully help clients to tell their life stories on video. Extensive editing follows yielding a state-of-the-art production with razor-sharp pictures in either DVD or VHS

Denver, CO, September 11, 2003 --( For the past three years, Fern Bray and Matt King of Remember When™ have been skillfully documenting local lives from their production studio in suburban Denver. They provide film production focused on families.

"Matt and Fern do an absolutely wonderful job of helping their clients open up on tape, plus they are very sensitive and caring as they draw out special memories and discuss delicate feelings. And, therein is the art involved in this valuable process," explains Maggie Chamberlin Holben, a Denver native who has twice used Remember When™ for projects documenting her elderly parents’ lives.

"In 2002, I turned to Fern and Matt to create photo montages for Mother's Day and Father's Day tributes for my parents, Elmer and Helen Roth who reside at the Lakewood Meridian. I recorded comments over video of several hundred photos I'd gathered and taken to Remember When™, telling Mom and Dad just how much I care about and love them. Just recently, Matt and Fern did videotaped interviews with both Mom and Dad, in Mom's apartment at the Meridian. There's even steady cam footage of me bringing Dad by wheelchair from the Health Center to the apartment, which is just priceless.

"My Dad is very ill right now and fortunately I had the motivation, I believe just in time, to preserve all his wonderful stories on video, plus his singing, which I enjoy so much. My Mom was fabulous and very articulate in sharing her memories as Fern questioned her in depth. Both Mom and Dad recorded special messages to me, which I will view often and treasure for many years to come," Holben says.

Subjects for Remember When™ productions tend to be in their 70s and 80s, an interview demographic familiar to anyone who has watched Tom Brokaw's coverage of the World War II generation. As in Holben's case, it dawns on children and grandchildren that their elders have interesting stories to tell, tales worth hearing and remembering fondly in the years ahead.

King brings extensive experience in the film production business to Remember When™. He has worked as a production technician for Disney and other Hollywood concerns, plus has been involved in numerous film and production projects in the Denver area during his filmmaking career. Bray, described by a local newspaper reporter as "a homegrown Barbara Walters," is the interviewer. She guides clients through a list of more than 150 questions designed to jog the memory and get across just who the person really is. Most often taping is done right in the client's home.

Both King and Bray had a personal calling to their unique and special video production business.

King was holding his own Dad's hand when he died of pneumonia a number of years back. Whereas King only had the sound of his Dad's voice left on an answering machine tape and the mere memory of his father's wonderful laugh, King is now making sure others have more and better options for preserving special family memories.

Bray's motivation came from her own daughter asking questions about Granddad. "My daughter said she didn't know anything about my father, and I told her it was time she learned," Bray explains.

"Good camera work is critical, but a production's ultimate success depends on the interviewer's ability to truly engage a subject. That's where Matt and Fern's unique combination of talents qualify them to help local families turn special life stories into personal videotaped treasures," Holben concludes.

According to the stated mission: "Remember When™ is dedicated to the telling and preservation of all peoples history for our loved ones, and future generations." Projects focus on video autobiographies and memoirs, special birthday and anniversary celebrations, family reunions and weddings, funeral services and family gatherings, memorial tributes, pet memories, photo montages and life tributes. DVD authoring and 8 mm transfer are also included in the services offered.

Remember When™ documentaries cost from $500 to $10,000, depending on the number of family interviews performed. Average cost is $3,500. Everyone’s situation is different and complimentary consultations are offered for interested families who want to learn more about Remember When™ services.
"This is such a giving thing," King said in a newspaper interview two years ago. "Ultimately, we're just trying to help honor a human being's stay on the planet."

Matt King and Fern Bray at Remember When™ may be reached at 720-859-1122. The website is

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