New PricePlay® Interactive Pricing™ Technologies Make Customers Acquisition Easier, Cheaper, and Profit Margin Higher

Irvine, CA, October 09, 2006 --( Today, PricePlay, Inc. ( announced new technologies to enhance and improve the online purchasing experience. Three new products – PricePlay Interactive Pricing Activity, PricePlay Marketplace, and PricePlay Enterprise Console – advance the state of the art in eCommerce and interactive promotion by helping buyers worldwide find and control the price they want to pay--during a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding engagement. The new products all incorporate new capabilities that leverage PricePlay’s patented Interactive Pricing Technologies, for example, enabling buyers to play an online game to achieve lower prices. The prices are scaled to the buyer’s performance during the game.

The company also introduced PricePlay Marketplace Network and PricePlay Enterprise Console, a new tool that enables online merchants and businesses to maximize their return on marketing investment.

The new PricePlay Marketplace services announced today combine the power of PricePlay’s technology with online merchants and businesses’ pricing knowledge to engage buyers at the point of purchase. As a result, buyers are engaged in Interactive Pricing Activities such as an online game to achieve lower prices, sellers reduce customer acquisition cost, increase conversion and margin while making unexpected sales.

PricePlay Marketplace Beta
PricePlay Marketplace beta is a community where buyers can engage in Interactive Pricing Activities such as an online game for fun and for the control of price they want to pay. Organizations, businesses, or individuals can private-label their own Interactive Pricing web sites to create specialized links to which site visitors can engage in Interactive Pricing Activities for specified products offered by them.

Once visitors are attracted to visit a web site, a link is enabled to allow the visitors to play online games for lower prices on products listed by the site owners. Playing is free. Site owners get a higher conversion rate and more return visits for the same marketing dollar spend. Overall revenue and margin are increased.

For example, an etailer of used golf clubs can enable Interactive Pricing on all or some of their web pages by copy and paste a few lines of html codes after becoming a PricePlay Marketplace Network member. A site visitor may choose an online golf game to play for some of the golf clubs. The better the score the lower the price for selected golf clubs! A buyer can play for as long as he wants. Advertising revenue generated during playing is shared between PricePlay and site owners.

Buyers and site owners can sign up for free to become members of PricePlay at

PricePlay Enterprise Console
Also announced today, PricePlay Enterprise Console beta offers higher level of integration for Interactive Pricing for web sites. By customizing their Interactive Pricing Activities to fit with their specific industries, target audiences, and product categories, web sites can fully utilize PricePlay Enterprise Console to build brand loyalty, cross and up sell, and increase margin and revenue, all at the point of purchase. With the introduction of PricePlay Enterprise Console, the interactive pricing technologies and mini-applications are resided on web owners’ web servers and deliver a variety of personalized customization capability such as private-labeled games, integration with CRM, ERP, and more. PricePlay Enterprise Console can also recommend regularly priced products and can automatically create a personalized Interactive Pricing Activities for potential buyers based on the preference they frequently search and access.

With the new PricePlay Enterprise Console API, developers can easily enable and integrate their own sites with Interactive Pricing.

PricePlay Interactive Pricing Activities
Also announced today are a series of sports-related interactive pricing activities (IPAs). They include ski, golf, puzzle, and more. Users play these IPAs for free by first selecting a product to “Play for Your Price!” No obligation to buy at all. The better the players score during these IPAs the better the prices on selected products. The prices are changing in real time dynamic based on the interaction between the potential buyers and the IPAs. PricePlay will roll out new additional IPAs that target difference audiences for a fun and rewarding experience on a regular basis.

About PricePlay, Inc.
PricePlay’s innovative and patented Interactive Pricing technologies connect millions of people with real time dynamic pricing every day. Founded in 2006, PricePlay today defines and leads the Interactive Pricing category. PricePlay’s targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. PricePlay is headquartered in Irvine, California. For more information, visit

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