Hammerax Warranty on Cymbals and Hybrids Increased to 4 Years

Hybrids Surpass 3 Years with Zero Cable Breakage. No cymbal returns to date.

Clearwater, FL, December 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Hammerax has surprised musicians since it’s debut in 2006 with shocking and lush cymbals and hybrids. Cymbal lines such as Liquicy® and Indigo® are known for darkness and deep wobble. Drummers at first wondered if Hammerax cymbals would hold up under intense playing. “The results are in- zero returns in over 3 years” says John Stannard, Hammerax President. “Our cymbals are hammered thousands of times and are made of a special alloy heat treated in a unique process. Rolling happens while a cymbal is flat, but is only the beginning- this hammering method continues throughout the cymbal making process on a 3-D scale, adding strength, volume, and richness” says Stannard.

Hammerax has also past the 3 year mark with no cable related returns on its lines of hybrid percussion. Hammerax surprised the percussion world with the shocking sound textures of brands such as Boomywang®, Culebra®, Glass®, Meanie®, Dustbowl®, and Lash® first released in summer 2006. “The suspension cable appears to very thin but is profoundly strong,” stated Stannard. The strength comes from the use of a special type of Spectra® fiber cable - a product of Honeywell."

Spectra® is an extended-chain polyethylene fiber and has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any man-made fiber. Spectra® fiber is, pound for pound, 15 times stronger than steel, and has a specific strength that is up to 40 percent greater than that of Kevlar. Specific performance is dependent upon denier, filament count, and specific tempering and drawing methods. "When we started using it we realized the cable was so strong that we had to use absolutely fresh razor knives just to trim the cables. It is also very slippery- you need to tie multiple knots. Other than direct drumstick impact at the entry hole, or heating the product over 160 degrees, it seems to just last and last. This extra strength allows the real voice of the instrument to come through as if it were floating." Hammerax cables are also modular. They replace quickly by slipping them into the wood frame, but so there has been no need for the company to send out the free replacement cable packs. “The bottom line proof has been in the field testing by drummers and percussionists. This move to a 4 year warranty represents one of the longest limited warranties in the industry. Hammerax has been granted and has filed multiple patents on its products.

John Stannard, President, Hammerax Email: H@hammerax.com Phone: 727-442-5050

Sergio R. Samayoa